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A nice jail as jails go. The good news was. I could walk out anytime i wanted. Because there's a state law that says county commissioners must inspect the county jail once a year so four times. I did my duty and overnight toured the jail in. Yeah it was. It was just fine tagger but the yeah. The prison band was there and they began to wail. Well i can guarantee you in the county jail. And i'll bet in the county jail. There is not a prison band. I'm just saying that's probably true. Although johnny cash did pretty good when where do go sing saying or whatever. It was one of those prisons. Never mind okay. Where are we going after the top of the hour. Well we're gonna talk a little bit more about fixing your roads specially at the bottom of the hour when we get jerry pile from cdot here to help us do that If you've got questions that you would like us to ans- ask jerry pile about roads while you're we're talking to him call in intel ryan nine seven zero three five three thirteen to call him and he'll make a note of and we will ask jared pyle when he gets here about your questions about the roads Try and keep them civil and polite. Although i will. I'll do my best to do that as well. I will be a good host and very gracious to him. But if you've got things you want to know about the roads and give us a call and we'll ask him when he's on the air kinda kinda let you know. We'll a public service to you by. Golly well we need to let you know right now that we are Thirteen ten kfi am greeley loveland fort collins. It's eight o'clock..

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