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Garden of Eden supply everything they needed and said, hey, BA, fruitful and multiply speaks about God's love towards towards the future parents of of humanity and and the Sajjan. This is something we should emulate You know there is a place in a time for punishment I don't necessarily advocate for corporal punishment but I don't dismiss it when it's necessary and measured in that, we can talk about forever but bright right I mean there's different different techniques ways to like different arguments swallow because you know beating somebody violence has never not the way. but for some individuals may be an of course like you have to kind of like, US, wisdom in that it, it may be or it may be beneficial to use some sort of sternness. I don't like to think of violence when I when it but unfortunately it's been, it's been abused 'cause you could give a good dusting to your child and it doesn't have the violent. Violence is big word. And violence and parenting are not. There shouldn't shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence because it it's it's. I don't want to say oxymoronic, but it's contrary to the other. So That's why I try to use the term wisely in in. Because it's descriptive as well and it doesn't paint. Proper pictures. Sometimes. When you come to proper pictures now that you're. Thinking about that Tell me a little bit more about. This idea of. Having positive parenting attitude. You know because it stems from recognizing God. Sovereign and Love number-one. But what some of those techniques that parents can? apply and learn you know when going on the journey with their children. Hope you're enjoying our discussion. We'll be right back after this at break. This episode is sponsored by Southwestern Adventist University. Did you know that there's an? College in Texas. Yeah. The big state of Texas located just half an hour south of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex southwestern advocates. University is a top ranked school that lets you explore your passion and prepare for your future offering an array of spiritual programming. A vibrant campus experience and hands on learning southwestern focuses on each student's experience ensuring that every graduate is prepared for their future equipped and empowered to thrive in A. Competitive World with degrees ranging from nursing to business and from biology to theology southwestern adverse university is the most affordable adventist college in America and brings together a university family from around the world as you or someone you know is college shopping visit South, Western trust us you'll like Texas and you'll love southwestern advocates university visit SWU dot edu slash APM to learn more that's S. W. A. You dot EDU SLASH APM Number one understanding that that. Parenting is. A gift. to be a parent is a gift. It is in God is to give of good gifts. He's always been like that from the beginning So understanding that we also understand that we have to understand that parenting has to do with. the. Stewardship. So. God is expecting something of a says he gives bountifully that we are responsible with that recognize where it comes from, and that is something important when we talk about parenting in the practices of parent that's why mentioned presence more than anything. It's not your perfect parent that you get it right all the time but that you're there. Available for your child and your child needs affectionately. Need perfection of of of safety at your there that even though the difficulties are there, you are there with your child bringing them a comfort E-. That's important. We live in a very, very difficult world that will build huge character in your child if you're just there for them. So understanding one, it's a gift of God number two that their stewardship involved number three that God promises to give wisdom like James clearly states he who lacks wisdom ask of God and he will give without reproach. It says which is a great thing. God's not going to chastise you because you don't know to the contrary if you ask for wisdom, he will give you. Plentiful to be able to develop in your child that that image of God again that which I understand is the ideal of parenting is is to be able to emulate or to present to your child who got his in the flesh so to speak. yes. Yes. Yes. but personified or embody by you as a parent interesting Aspects. When you when you approach parenting in that sense one, you got a God, who's who's the ideal number two. He promises to always be with you three he entrusted you with these kids. With this gift number four I've learned that God gives us children to save US Trust me when I'm telling you. My kids have been my salvation because I can see my shortcomings in them. And it causes me to to to understand anymore. tangible way. I want to say one more we need to be real with our children. We don't need the perfect parent. We mess up go to your child acknowledged that. So Listen Bob, Dole I I'm sorry I messed up please forgive me boom does wonders because people think that it's going to Be Little than before their children no to the contrary. It makes their children admire them most because. Children can see right through us they. We don't have to hide from our children Let's be real with them in that. They will want to emulate because we become all of a sudden. This real person to them God should beat us You know there's so much to that as well. Two more two more things like to explore One of them is that not everybody is called to marriage and parenting. You know some people are call to celebrate. Some people are called to long-term I mean you know for the sake of the kingdom as the Bible clearly states. But parenting is not only experience in a.

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