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Track to be approved. Voters in the district of columbia have voted in favor of decriminalizing the use of so-called magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances. We'll have more on the elections. After headlines with john nichols president biden and other world leaders have departed glasgow and the un climate summit is day three. Usher send closed door. Negotiations on how to combat the climate catastrophe on tuesday ninety countries agreed to slash methane emissions by thirty percent by twenty thirty. This is president by announcing the us commitments were proposing to rules one through our environmental protection agency. This going to reduce methane losses from new and existing oil and gas pipelines and one through the department of transportation to reduce wasteful and potentially dangerous leaks from natural gas pipelines. Climate activists slammed biden for making climate pledges while his administration continues to advance plans to sell oil and gas leases on us public lines. Meanwhile indigenous leaders questioned commitments from over one hundred countries to end deforestation by twenty thirty. This is toma tara. Pong who leads. The union of indigenous women of the brazilian amazon knows no. Was i dot ca public. We don't have yet a public policy towards the indigenous peoples in brazil. That make sure it happens for real. And they will only for certain stop deforestation. If there's the demarcation of our indigenous lands man without demarcation there's no way to stop deforestation in other news from cop twenty six the us. The european union and other wealthy nations have announced a new deal to provide eight and a half billion dollars to south africa to help at decommission. Its coal plants and invest in renewable energy south africa's one of the largest coal producers in the world. We'll go to glasgow for the latest from the climate summit later in the broadcast and speak with. Kumi naidoo who is from south africa. The centers for disease control back the pfizer cove nineteen vaccine for children age. Five to eleven opening up the to dose shot to an additional twenty. Eight million kids will receive one third of the dosage of people twelve and older. The ethiopian government has declared a six month nationwide state of emergency as it says. It's preparing to defend the capital at asaba from to grind rebel forces that threaten the city would be overrun within quote months. If not weeks. The state of emergency allows the government to impose curfews and roadblocks and for the ethiopian military to take over certain areas of the country. The government's also called on citizens to take up arms against rebel fighters. This comes as the un has condemn human rights atrocities and covered by a joint investigation into the war in the tigray region. The un said all parties involved in the conflict including forces from eric trae have committed violations of international human rights. Some of which could amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity this includes sex judicial killings torture sexual and gender based violence. The un also accused ethiopia's government of attempting to limit the investigation in occupied east jerusalem. Four families from the shake charan neighborhood officially rejected deal from the israeli supreme court. That would delay their addiction but force them to cede ownership of their houses and pay rent to israeli settlers who claim the homes as there's this activists and affected shakes. Your resident occurred reject because we believe in our costs and our right to our home and country. Despite that we are not getting any guarantees to support our steadfastness as palestinians in the occupied jerusalem from any side organization following the rejection of the deal. The israeli supreme court could order. The families evicted within weeks. And may the plant expulsions helped spark the latest war in gaza galvanized international support for palestinians facing dispossession from settlers groups and the state of israel facebook announced. It's shutting down. Its facial recognition system deleting face scan templates of over a billion people by december. Facebook will not however get rid of the algorithm which powered the facial recognition technology called deep. Face it also did not rule out using such technology in the future. The move comes amidst mounting scandals for facebook which recently changed its corporate name to meta the aclu. Welcome the move calling it a good start adding quote now. It's time for enforceable rules that prohibit companies from scanning our faces without our consent looking at you congress. Aclu said democrats said they reached a deal to help rein in prescription drug costs. Part of the build back better act. The provisions would allow the government to negotiate. Prices for medicare prescriptions for the first time but drug companies would have patent exclusivity for nine to twelve years before the government could begin those negotiations. The legislation would also ban pharmaceutical companies from raising prices quicker than inflation and cap out of pocket expenses for seniors on medicare at two thousand dollars per year. The senate majority leader chuck schumer announcing the deal. Tuesday prescription drug pricing has consistently been a top issue for americans year after year including the vast majority of both democrats and republicans. Who want to see a change because they simply cannot afford their medications in a long fought victory for lgbtq plus rights. Same sex partners will have access to survivors benefits if their partners die before they were able to legally marry or they did not meet a threshold being married at least nine months on monday. The justice department and the social security administration dropped to trump administration challenges to lawsuits that granted. Same sex couples in both those categories the right to social security survivors benefits. A council lambda legal which brought the lawsuit celebrated the news saying quote. No one should continue to pay the price for past discrimination and over ten thousand john. Deere workers will remain on strike after a majority last night voted to reject the latest contract proposal negotiated by their union. Workers are fighting for better wages and pension plans. They've been on strike for nearly a month. And those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the warrant piece report mainly goodman and new york joined by democracy now coho swung than solids in new brunswick jersey high on miami and welcome. Tolliver listens views across the country and around the world. Well in a blow to democrats republicans have won. The governor's race in virginia with the wealthy private equity executive glenn. Young can defeating former governor. Terry mcauliffe can campaigned in part by vowing to support so-called parent's rights which has become a catch all phrase to describe right wing opposition to vaccine mask mandates trans rights for students and the teaching of critical race theory. Young can spoken victory party in chantilly virginia. My fellow virginians. This is our moment. It's our moment for parents or grandparents aunts uncles for neighbors to change the future of virginia's children's lives to change their virginia journey. It's our time to turn that vision into a reality. Meanwhile in new jersey. The governor's race is too close to call as republican jack. Ciccarelli has a slight lead over incumbent. Democrat philip murphy. To talk about the governor's races we're joined by john nichols he's the nation's national fares correspondent author of a number of books including the fight for the soul of the democratic party. So let's start in. Virginia john talk about the significance of the republican victory for governor about young kids campaign. And then we'll move to new jersey where it's clearly too close to call. The main democratic strongholds have not been counted yet. That's precisely right. Amy and thanks for having me. Let's start in virginia. And i think that that the first thing to point out is of course. This is an off year election in which there's clearly an overlay from what's going on in washington and virginia. Northern virginia particular is suburban washington. So there's a lot of consciousness about where the by administration is app and things of that nature once we put that in its place then. I think it's important to understand what happened in virginia and that is that virginia democrats chose to nominate. What they thought was a very safe candidate. Terry mccullough the former governor. He beat a number of other candidates in the democratic primary with loest of democratic leadership. Saying well this is the easiest way to retain the governorship. But mccall ran What can best be. Understood is an unfocused. Bumbling campaign in many in many instances on the other hand republicans nominated a candidate who was untested Glenn yongin but who was very sophisticated very disciplined in his approach and what he did was at once embraced donald trump's constituency. I mean actually clearly except trump's support and clearly communicate that that he was on board with a lot of where trump was at but at the same time in his overall messaging Seek to identify himself with just enough distance that he could appeal to folks who don't necessarily like donald trump now. It's notable in the exit polls. He got almost one in five of his votes from people who said they don't approve of trump so he was getting people who had undoubtedly voted for joe biden in two thousand twenty to come over. How did he do that. Did it with a combination of sort of soft messaging about his actually berry right wing proposals and very right wing stance on the issues and a dog whistling use of the issue critical race theory that the republicans have developed and this is obviously an effort to suggest that parents should be far more control curriculums in schools and frankly That they should be able to dictate a curriculum. That doesn't acknowledge much of the history of the united states. At least soft-pedals it and y'all can do that. Very sophisticated ways. There is simply no question that what he did in virginia will become a template or republicans in other states. But there's also one council while there's a lot of focus on critical race theory and how. It was played in virginia in school board races around the country. One in my own state of wisconsin where school boards were threatened with recall a on critical race issues on all this. In many cases the school board members one there one fights they weren't recall and one of the reasons for that is that in for instance that wisconsin case they directly confront the issue. They they said look this is. This is a republican. Political strategy is a an attempt to dog whistle into exploit in virginia. I think the message from the democrats on that was quite muddled. In many cases they did try to confront in some ways. But i don't think that they they did very well ended the day if i had to divide up with the impacts were unprepared. I would say that the quality the character of the young campaign did benefit but also the biggest influence there in my opinion is the fact that the democrats in washington have seen extremely chaotic even dysfunctional in recent months. And the truth is they control the white house and the congress. And you can't fail to deliver on your promises and then expect to win elections and that's a big message for democrats but john. I wanted to ask you putting. Virginia in context the with new jersey as well. Because i think it's likely that Phil murphy is going to win the new jersey race even though he's slightly behind right now. Only because as amy mentioned a lot of the democratic strongholds including camden which is had the lowest returns so far are likely to push him over nonetheless. He was expected to win by much more than if he does become victor so it does seem to me that at least in these races where you essentially had corporate democrats in both phil murphy. And terry mccall at running that the ability their ability to make the race against trump rather than for themselves like suffered greatly. And i'm wondering your sense of a given the fact that the right wing populism of trump is still a searching and a lot of parts of the country what this what this means for on four elections next year. I think it means a lot. And i think your analysis is very strong my centers. That murphy will win in new jersey. And i think it's important to to note. That murphy ran a much more focused campaign. I'm frankly more progressive campaign on message and frankly on some of his record. Then you had from caller ultimately. I think murphy's probably gonna win by a reasonably comfortable margin. Not a big big landside or anything like that but reasonably comfortable when all votes are counted. But still it's much closer than it should be by by any reasonable measure. And then i'd also throw in pennsylvania supreme court race a statewide race in a battleground state. Where the republican appears to prevail. And so what you see from a number of states where got statewide races where they really are tests of kind of where people are going to vote and you know kind of where the pattern is in each case. The republicans prevailed. I think that again. There's two things in play here number one. What you point out. The democratic party continues especially did this in virginia. They continue to reject candidates of the future And these are women. People caller Progressives in favor of candidates of the past candidates who often are have held office before holding office and are very predictable and at at this moment at this bowl tall moment. That doesn't work very well. Secondly however you do have this national. Overly and. I think it's a big deal. The democrats have since mid-summer sent a signal of. Yeah we've got lots of big plans. We've got lots of big goals. We control the presidency. We control the house and the senate but we're not delivering. We can't get it together. We can't even get our own our own people together and it's very easy to blame joe manchin and to blame kerr cinema and they deserve a lot of blame on this. But they're also has to be a recognition that the biden administration democratic leaders in congress did not follow the advice of senator bernie singers the senate of budget committee chair and of congressional progressive caucus chair millage john-paul who said look you need to go out and sell this program. You need to talk about it in big bold ways across the country so people really know everything that's in this bill back better agenda and they know what's at stake. They didn't do that. They relied on. Kind of insider predictable. back door behind the scenes negotiations and and it didn't work. President biden flew off to europe with a framework that joe mansion didn't support and so at the end of the day. Democrats are in a situation where they promised a lot that they have not delivered and you cannot fail to deliver and expect to win elections. We're gonna turn to some of the mayor or races Several closely watched ones in buffalo mayor. Byron brown has claimed victory in as write in campaign against india walton. Who shocked brown in june by winning the democratic primary. She was attempting to become the first socialist to lead a big city in decades here in new york city and i want to also way and unnecessary. Rick adams easily won the mayoral race becoming just the second african american to head. The nation's largest city in minneapolis Mayor jacob fry is the in the lead after the first round of the cities ranked choice vote and in boston. Michelle woo has made history by becoming the first woman. The first person to color elected as mayor. She spoke tuesday night. We are ready to become a boston for everyone ready to boston. That doesn't push people out but welcomes all who call sitting home. We're ready to be a boston. Where all can afford to stay. In to thrive and yes. Boston is ready to become a green new deal. City green new deal city says the new mayor elect of boston. Michelle woo protege of massachusetts senator elizabeth. Warren john nichols the mayoral races around the country. Though i'm glad you focused on michelle woo there. I think her victory is an incredibly instructive and it hasn't been covered enough. A by much of the national media show who ran as a progressive. She started early to build a grassroots. Multiracial multiethnic coalition. She focused on big issues with big messages and she won big. She did very well in the primary and general election prevailed. I think there's a lot of lessons there as regards our politics because remember. Boston is not a city that that has had a lot of diversity in its mayors tended to be irish retaliation of you know from irish italian background of for generations and also. It's a city where he's pretty talk very competitive politics. And so there. You see a elizabeth warren progressive prevail talking about the green new deal talking about economic and social racial justice talking about affordable housing. So it's doable. And i think that's an important message in the mail races in general Democrats prevail but you saw very different types of democrats prevailed very different messages some like new very progressive. Some like eric adams in new york who have been very critical at least of of democratic socialists. And then up in buffalo. You have this situation where. It's really a notable situation buffalo where india while won her primary barron square. She built a grassroots campaign. Not a lot of money but she had a lot of message. she's very very engaged with housing issues. A lot of issues that are vital the buffalo she got the nomination and then two things happened number one. The leadership of the state democratic party in new york including the chair of the state democratic committee governor hogan and others failed to endorse her. They failed to come in and give her strong backing. Secondly a lot of very very wealthy and powerful interests in buffalo and outside of buffalo cord. Money into byron brown's campaign here is more than one point. Five million we don't know what the final total will be. Flooded the tv Airwaves with ads. That you know obviously very spurt of him but also a lot of messaging. That was very negative about india walton. And and you really your situation here where the somebody won the democratic nomination but didn't get the level of support from the democratic party that that might have allowed her to prevail. Why i wanted ask you before we move on about eric adams covered for years police. Captain brooklyn borough president State legislator and now he has become the second african american Who will become mayor of new york Talked about being learning disabled wept when he went to the polls yesterday Holding his mother's picture who just died was beaten by police and arrested as a young person took on the new york. Police department the significance of his win though against the de-fund movement. I think as i said before. I've known eric adams since he was just a police sergeant. More than thirty years ago. I worked with him closely over the years as a reporter and i think that the his victory and i'd like to also talk to john nichols in terms of what's happened within the awards in minneapolis. What happened with the minneapolis. Police as well seems to indicate that a lot of african american and dottino voters are not as a in sync with the The the progressive left on issues of police reform. And i think that the because the african american and latino about is such a big portion of the democratic party. I think folks are going to have to come to some realization of what is possible within a capital system and within a situation where a corporate democrats also wielded enormous influence and finances in terms of elections. And i'm wondering. John whether it you see that with the exception of michelle rule out of the results of this time around we're not only a rebuke of the the more corporate democrats but also To some degree review of the more leftwing proposals of Progressives as well are you saw direct test of minneapolis where a proposal to really change the the policing structure that city from a more traditional one with frankly a four points by very right wing union to a public safety model and that lost. It didn't lose by a massive landslide. I did lose and so at the end of the day. I think that there is evidence that there's resistance here. But i would emphasize i think this is important to recognize that if you look at it all of these races you see an acknowledgement of the need to change policing. It is a debate about how to do so and about message that. But i would be careful about saying that. That there's a full on rejection of some of the the left's messages about the need for change in leasing. I think there is still a constituency for that and a base for that it just. I do think that there's going to be some wrestling with it and democrats. Frankly are going to have to figure out how to talk about the need to change policing away that can build out confidence and build out constituencies. I will note. Also it's just important to know in new york city. Well eric adams won big and for variety of reasons that jimani williams and brad lander both berry berry progressive candidates won the other two citywide races by equally large margins. And so i think that that we can take. We take many signals from this election. And i do think we should pay attention. Not just to the top level winds but some of those winds down ballot as well. We want to thank you for being with us. John nichols nations. National affairs correspondent author of a number of books including the fight for the soul of the democratic party. Next up we go to glasgow to the un summit to look at the fight against big coal from south africa. Puerto rico with kumi naidoo and ruth santiago and leading filipino. Youth climate activists mitzi ten..

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