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West Ken am big thanks to express VPN for sponsoring this week show. It happens now. And again, a celebrity tweets about how great their Samsung, whatever is from their iphone apple music tweets about it service from an Android device. Sometimes it seen as hypocritical often it seen as amusing. But ours Technica says the company wronged by the latest Bo PA is showing zero sense of humor over the issue. The stories prelude came at the end of last year. According to report in the final minutes of twenty eighteen the official at while way account wish everyone a happy new year. It was a nice enough sentiment that people quickly notice that it was posted using an iphone which is awkward when the whole purpose of the account is promote wall weighs phones. Was this absent mindedness on the part of wall weighs PR firm. Quite the contrary while way employed a company called sapient to handle the Twitter message among. One assumes other messaging, apparently based in China, the company had to use a VPN to be able to access and post to Twitter's and Twitter is blocked in China, but sapient experience VPN troubles close to time to tweet the tweet wanting to get word out on time a piece from Reuters says they used an iphone with a roaming sim card to get the happy new year message out apparently forgetting that some Twitter clients show from what sort of device a given message is posted one assumes that say be bien has been fired. But that's not enough for while way are says while way has reportedly docked the pay of two employees by five thousand U N that's about seven hundred twenty eight dollars US and reduced each employee is ranked by one level in wall. Weighs corporate hierarchy. Worst new year ever. And finally today while apple is not at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and got. It says the company has sent attendees a message in the form of a huge sign riffing on sin cities old what happens in Vegas. Stays.

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