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Was 78 movie theaters in Indiana and across the country have started to reopen and this weekend. Do you know a mutiny? New mutants led the box office earning $7 million. That's a movie about a group of young mutants who are struggling to learn how to use their powers. Unhinged made $2.6 million this weekend. The SpongeBob movie rounded out the top three taken a look at the radar Right now, it is completely clear. You'll have a high of 85 this afternoon, and then it'll dip down to a low of 67 tonight and then you're gonna have a little bit cooler tomorrow. Ro and also a few chances of showers and thunderstorms. Right now it is mostly cloudy and 74. I'm Kirk darling, and I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the going on Twitter at 93, W. C and W C lie from the Heartland and the crossroads of America. It's Tony Cats today, 6% of the story broke. Lockdowns don't work. And any governors still engaged in them is wrong. Tony Cats, Tony Cats today 833 got Tony.

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