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Playoff chases, Heaton, outbid net. I'll watch a little game here. Stadium and Red Sox and the Yankees and other on TV all the time every time they play that. David price getting a bum rush. Slow bit six to one each Handke's with the league Yankees trying to hang onto that home field advantage for the wild card. That's the last thing to be decided essentially in well in in the American League, it looks like the asks who's going to win the West Indians going to win the central Red Sox gonna win the east and Anke two and a half game lead over the athletes right now that homefield spot in the wildcard. All right. This is Rockies countdown ahead of game three Rockies dodgers Rockies trying to salvage get one win here. Tonight. Get yourself back into this thing here as they find themselves a a game and a half back in the National League West. It's not that far back, but you put yourself two and a half back tend to go makes it a little bit harder. You don't wanna be chasing wild card. You wanna win certainly the division. Rockies countdown continues. Let's talk with our friend, Dr David Schneider as he jumped on board here with Ortho. Colorado Colorado's only. Orthopaedic hospital a part of censure health, Dr Schneider. Welcome. It's good to talk to you this season. Good evening to you, my friend. How are you doing? I'm doing well a little nervous about tonight's game. But to be expected, I guess huh. Aches ten games left. Yeah. All the marbles because it looked like whoever wins the division obviously going to go play the second place team. And if we don't win the division, then looks like going home, maybe with the way the wildcards playing out. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be well travel in Milwaukee the way would set up now and that wildcard if if we end up finishing second it'd be the Braves and again, they're playing well, but you gotta get the division. Milwaukee. Either in a one game take all that. That would be way. They're relief sets up that that'd be pretty intimidating as well. Yeah. And for second year, the except go on the road for that wild card, which did not pan out. Well last year in Phoenix either. So yeah. Well, the timing is pretty good to have you on here. And fortunately, we're talking about a throwing elbow for Trevor story, but we got better news yesterday. The MRI showed no joint damage. Nothing structurally as they said. Although bud black was very careful to say, you know, you can take 'em RA beanie athletes arm. That's throwing. But again, it's good news. When somebody feels something like that as Trevor describe in his throwing arm. What does that mean? Well, let's talk about the enemy a little bit. You know, if you look at your arm, the elbow, the medial side of that is to say the inside part of the although you have that little knob bone that comes up that's the end of your upper arm, bone, humorous and attached to that the very powerful missed flex hers and even some of the finger flex and so the group of. Mainly control your form and your wrist. The group of muscles. Flexes every time someone was whether there are pitcher zeal they're outfielder right behind that. But bone is the owner. You're funny. Boehner we've all hit that felt that lightning bolt down the arm underneath both that that flex her. Pro Nader group of muscles, and the older nerve is that incredibly strong short kind of small that's keeps your show together. So you know, I was lucky to train her cruel job in Los Angeles with the guy. The Tommy John operation to salvage throwers orbs that that ligament itself when someone would injure it back in the day produce the nineteen seventies your career was done. So now team dogs are very very heightened level of curiosity and concern over that will ligament getting injured and he's the replay that we've all probably watch. Been a crash landing on his arm. He's done that a million times popped up. To me, everything was normal. There wasn't actually. And start shaking his hand and kind of wiggling it to me I thought, oh, maybe you tweet that he net older nerve a little bit. And that's what he's feeling. But when he motioned the trainer to come over. And then walked off. That's when that's when I got concerned that maybe ligament was tweaked a little bit. But based on what you're saying. Based on what the training staff was saying right after the game that was kind of encouraging because you can actually do an exam nicely to ligament and try and see if someone's doing okay or not. And of course, you just you're always going get a number. I'd. Playing career. I've sat in the MRI scanner in the middle of the night was one of your elite players, and I'm see Trevor has become truly elite players in the big leagues. And you're getting them Ryan just just really hoping that the ligament itself looks good. So that that was great news for Rockies fence. So the prognosis on this and he said through Twitter. Some folks had a chance to talk with him. He feels even better today. Now, obviously, he's not gonna play today. Rockies have a day off tomorrow. Is it possible? He could be ready for the Zona series. I think so. Yeah. It if nothing else maybe a bad off the bench because there's the right handed batter. Are you using most of the group when you swing, but you're not really straining the ligament at all. So a lot of kinds of overturning a player back from the Tommy John reconstruction before we're letting them full on playing field and throw hard particularly pitch which still takes nine to twelve months. Won't let them at first hit off the tee. And all that all that teachers it off the tee early as five six months out reconstruction. Trevor will Whoopie swinging the bat that's great stuff. Doc. Our time is short, but we look forward to throughout the the rest of the baseball season and certainly through the football season having the chance to talk to you on a weekly basis. I always great information. I appreciate it. Talk to you. All right. That's actor David Snyder. He's with Ortho Colorado, Colorado only orthopedic hospital, a part of Cintura hell, so good news. Macy tripper story swinging the bat by this weekend. Again, it's a best guess, but it's an orthopedist said we're talking to somebody who knows if you'd things about what's going on break here. We're back, and we'll talk about juggling that rotation. And where the rocky set now as we continue with Rockies countdown on KOA NewsRadio. Baseball.

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