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1.3% More on markets in 15 minutes Juliet Thank you Doug 35 minutes pass the out time for global news The Baden administration tried to clarify the president's stance on potential military aid to Taiwan if China invades let's get to Ed Baxter in San Francisco with the details it Yeah exactly right Juliet so far as many questions if not more than when he said it Let's go through here This was during a news conference in Japan So first let's listen to the question second the Biden response and then analysis from Bloomberg Stephen engels Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that Yes You are That's the commitment we made Now that commitment he's talking about is the Taiwan relations act which essentially spells out justification for the United States to provide military support for Taiwan in the event of an attack presumably from China not necessarily troops on the ground And he did clarify he says the policy has not changed at all but he did go on to say it I will quote him The idea that it Taiwan can be taken by force is just not appropriate It will dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in Ukraine Now China's foreign ministry spokesman and denouncing the comments and saying the U.S. should not send the wrong message on Taiwan to avoid causing grave damage to bilateral relations And this U.S. senator John Tom cotton says the Biden administration needs to clear up the Taiwan strategy and be guilty in general Saying with a clear pre written policy statement China's primarily coaching is sent a message to new Australia prime minister Anthony albanese Congratulating him on his win and saying that China wants to uphold the principle of mutual respect and development of China Australia strategic partnership Meanwhile Bloomberg's Paul Allen and Sidney says the new prime minister Anthony albanese has been working the phones with UK prime minister Boris Johnson He also spoke with President Biden over the weekend made similar assurances where expected to hear him reaffirm commitment to the quad arrangement as well which is something previous labor governments have been a little bit lukewarm about And yes on the topic of climates the albanese administration and the Biden administration's policies much more closely aligned there and Albany expected to seek U.S. support for Australia hosting a UN climate summit Yeah and the coordinations meet today in Japan Well Beijing receiving some better news cases of actually COVID dropped day to day The report now 48 local cases for May 23rd and Shanghai no new cases outside the quarantine area In San Francisco I met Baxter this is Bloomberg our Bryant SERP And thanks very much 38 minutes past the hour It's time for world sport Let's get to Dan Schwartzman Dan's telling us that it's a wild first round in the French Open Dan usually that means upsets Yeah lots and lots of upsets in this one This was mind-blowing frankly First round action look at the names who are out four time Grand Slam winner now and we also got he's out in straight sets to American Amanda nissim ova meanwhile Last year's winner in both singles and doubles two C barber Cred jacoba loses in three sets to Diane Perry Meanwhile 5th seat on net cultivate is knocked out in straight sets The only one well you guys found tech continues to roll the topsy does no trouble advancing to the second round Looking at the men's draw top seed and Novak Djokovic advancing in straight sets as does 5th seed Rafa Nadal Killing a BAPE speaking at a press conference for the first time since shocking the soccer world by snubbing Real Madrid and signing a new contract to remain with Paris Saint-Germain for the next three years says the decision wasn't you know financially motivated but it's the direction of the club.

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