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We're back the podcast is back everyone's okay it's been an emotional roller coaster it's caused me to question my own potential involvement in colts but one thing i can say for certain i am so excited to hear what else and mac did boy so allison mack smallville actress presumably actress on other things but everyone just says i'm tempted to say no real other credits i have no idea definitely on smallville she was such a big character on smallville but then she never did anything else now i know why she started attending nexium sessions in two thousand seven once her career hit a plateau keith apparently took an interest in her she begged him to quote make me a great actress again okay okay i don't know if i'd say choose ever great look the standout on smallville was amy adams i don't know who emmy adams's either oh my gosh really i'm super pot culture during i she is arrival oh that's a great movie yeah scientists late yeah she's really good she's phenomenal and she was on an episode of smallville and played this like a crazy monstrous person who like desperately wanted to lose weight so she drank something or something or an accident and then she started losing weight but had an insatiable appetite that eventually causes her to eat people oh i do want to set the record straight okay allison mack has had other credits unfortunately quite a few good ones she was on wilfred oh shit that's a great show yeah the following another good show other things i don't know she's been had a solid career yeah like she was she was on her way for sure she was on her way so she joins nexium gets really involved with nexium she wound up helping to start sub colt with engine called domus obsequious sorority or dos which i think means master over submissive 's and master in latin dominance in atlanta's like masculine the masculine version of that word would be the feminine so yeah it's like they're not trying to fight the creepy nece they're wholeheartedly embracing it some lara's and mac has yeah let's cut straight to the point has anything good ever come from the latin language no moving on so this little subculture dos isn't anything good ever come from dos no the band dos okay fair one good thing but not the computer thing i don't know what you're talking about so now i don't even really know what i'm talking so this sub colt eventually consisted of around one hundred fifty women who were sort of the elite lady cult members of nexium the new york times revealed how it all worked in an interview with mac who wrote the woman who invited you to the group was your master mac said tucking in her blue socked feet under her or the representation of your conscience your higher self your.

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