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To consider that arsenal kennedy kennedy in i six of the of the permian e because they don't have the squad for that next time for hostile mentioned speaking of manchester united action. Some mary's against this our Seven minutes in this one little off with the opportunity off the crossbar on the line. Scramble the ball just seems to hit lindelof more so than anything else of the crossbar. And then you just wanted. My saw was able to force it over lied. Line technology says mill southampton and get in the opener. Though some saying that was a following bruno fernandez in the up. However given from fred if you take a look shot from the show here from adams. I didn't think it was a fallen on bruna fernandez. Nobody clues on she. Adams william good stops the season for mason greenwood. That's two into to make it one one at least four hundred assists in this one but not a lot as you can see about him after his performances last week greenwood his touch seventeen minutes ago. Harry maguire caught in possession. Saints really should have capitalized with a good save. Strongly shows us from this kind of range with without any pressure or toll and expect him to beat davenport verde. Tunstall mix you save in grace finishes then in one manchester united one me woes in action against the spurs earlier today spurs. Having harry hurricane on the bench she did travel. He would come on in the second off but the only goal of the game would come in the eighth. Minute is danny alleys. Brought down here is run through midfield. Yep that's a fall not surprised open. That can be any question. Bolton frank says whoever wins abound should never take it daleks. Shut up front. You ali listen to front there. You go now into the second half we go one one erase. Does his job does really well. Just teased big outstretched left-footer should school under new pressure again. Then that's daniel. Levy larry kane one challenge ashley for the england captain. It would come the first minutes. Sell them no opportunity. You'd expect how you can't just left it but mission missing much shop nece too liberal. But in the end spurs perfect after two games. Who needs harry kane. Husnu see hustle. Seen there's a kinship between hooper's and rappers from thirty for thirty podcasts. And the undefeated this is the king of crenshaw motivate. I mean at that like the ethos of being an elite athlete. I don't know what is n-. It was my superior. It was all about how we could better our city. Life is really a marathon. Starting august. Twenty third following listen on sirius. Xm pandora stitcher. A wherever you get your podcast. Meanwhile italy kicked off this week. Can and all eyes were on as against events. What game this turned out to be a finnish to later on eight substitute. Cristiano ronaldo schooled. The win however is talk because of offside renou dominating all the headlines as they were reports the need to us not to stop the transplant. Elsewhere ahead of kick-off pavel nedved came out and said we must not try to create sensational stories. Where on any. It was a decision shared with the plant at the start of the season. Naturally he is not asshole thickness trying to use the best lineup at this moment for example is also on the bench today. The decisions were made to be most competitive. I can absolutely confirm or now will remain at events this season often. The drawing negatively allegra was asked about rinaldo non. Starting he said. Cristiano ronaldo is yes. I've talked to him before the game telling him he would stop on the bench. He made himself available. He did well when he entered the paint ball. It's a breakdown ongoing soap opera. We welcoming gap markazi and allesandro. Piero is with us ali. let's start with you. What do you make of this. I don't.

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