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From the courtroom yesterday. For the first time in weeks robert durst stood up at the defense table and made his voice heard on monday. June twenty eighth before the jury entered the courtroom deputy. Da john lewin raised an issue about robert durst. Catheter bag with judge windham. Now mr lewin you wanted to bring an issue for my attention. Probably jersey on wednesday thursday. When we were last in court. I noticed that. At two thirty pm mr durst. That was all the way full This brings up a number of issues as we reported on june twenty. First during the first week that durst arrived in court with a catheter. Bad john lewis announced he had with robert durst permission. And in the presence of the bailiff emptied the bag when durst own attorneys declined to help out this time however when lou and offered to assist durst declined loons offer. Michener's was asked. He said he did not want to change. Lewin then detailed concerns regarding the possibility that robert durst has been deliberately performing his frailty in court in order to manipulate the jury. I had the opportunity over the weekend. Look at some footage for poor and there were three different occasions that i was able to see. In the last two weeks where mr durst either deliberately held up his bag to the jury or maneuvered his seat to take away the cover so the jury could see his back. Why is that important. Because mr durst is on record and in fact has previously done this before has admitted to deliberately attempting to increase sympathy with jurors and the public by displaying either. He shot by shaving his head before raymond in new orleans by lowering his chair galveston for the trial. Things like that until my concern is number. There's a legitimate need where this bag needs to be drained During the day the problem is that if the bag fills up all the way especially with his bladder cancer there can certainly be a risk of infection. And although i'm sure 'cause i noticed the beginning of the day. His bag is almost empty. So it's a normal process that it's going to fill up but if it to three it's full and he's not going to get back until much later than that. It needs to be drained by somebody over the lunch hour. Whether mr darcy wants it drained or not and draining just so it's clear your honor does not involve doing anything to mr durr involve simply holding the bag over a toilet and releasing the valve on the bag and it drains out so we would ask that be done number one because it should be done to ensure that mr durr is able to be present during this trial going forward and number two because i wanna make sure that that bag is not utilized as a prop by mr durr in an attempt to incur l. cetera when judge windham gave the defense team an opportunity to respond. They expressed once again their concerns about continuing the trial for the sake of robert durst health. Pretty good example. Why we shouldn't be trial in native medical attention. We've unable to get the urology consultation family so we're very concerned about. His medical condition is not doctor's place that too. And i'm not a doctor mr lewis don a doctor. I think whatever care that he needs needs to be done by the doctors all right. We'll change magazine medical procedure. Mr gercy has has has a standing. Perhaps he you know leist ending toronto. Contrary to the defense team's assertion that robert durst condition had worsened to the point of him being unable to stand the seventy eight year. Old defendant was standing up without assistance. Defense attorney david. Czeslaw encouraged his client to write down. Whatever it was he might want to say a durst brush him off. Once again judge windham invited robert durst to speed and for the first time in weeks. The court heard his feeble voice. In contrast to dicta garin who repeated his off us. Refrain about his client's health robert durst respond directly to louis attack touching on all points one by one incorrect seeking sympathy from shakes. Only here valuable in terms of the talks about my galloper student. Loan might share little. Everyone four thousand kids. He was with the chair height on in terms of this whole fame seeking a try to feel bad doing every possible to ensure to get doctors could see. Tc to remove the coppa. How use a bad so convinced this rating. I don't think it's meaningful hi. What's requests to course record control so one is often. She's nobody is willing to tell me why i have a thank you. You're welcome dar's I will take all that under consideration and with that the trial proceeded come back tomorrow. For a regular weekly episode of jury duty the trial robert durst including our roundtable discussion with my co host brittany bookbinder and reporter. Charlie bagley in tomorrow's episode we'll cover the highlights of last week's witness testimony as well as the next installment of our series robert durst in his own words. In the meantime we will continue to bring you the latest. Updates on the trial and on robert durst health can you hear purple. 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