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The materials included battery packs and nails condit became the prime suspect we're told after he was spotted on surveillance video trying to mail a package from fedex shipping center in southwest austin investigators tracked him through his car and cellphone they're now searching his house for more information as they worked at determine a motive yeah we've got an update on that according to the ap police are evacuating the area near the suspect's home in pflueger ville a suburb of austin texas ninety six five w where orlando turns first or severe weather channel nine meteorologist rusty mcranie any more chilly weather moving back in those temperatures coming up coming in hot there rusty it's gene wexler here good afternoon seventy one degrees in downtown orlando nice and sunny out there to these applause depending on where your app and how about this weather compared to yesterday when we had a tornado warning orlando danish shows up next sean hannity at three down at florida international university miami a vigil for the victims of the collapsed pedestrian footbridge last thursday deacon ralph lewis gazette tour is at the vigil our hearts are broken our spirits mourn for all those loss during this tragic accident six people died and several others were injured in that collapse federal prosecutors wrapping up their case preparing to wrap up their case against north salman the wife of the pulse nightclub terrorist the prosecution announcing attorneys will conclude the government's case and chief tomorrow solomon's defense team will begin presenting their case in chief on monday no word on how long that will take or when closing arguments will begin salman is charged with aiding and abetting her husband omar mateen the pulse massacre and obstruction of justice she faces life in prison if she's convicted darrell moody news ninety six five wdbo updating the troubling times for mark zuckerberg's facebook now british politicians want to know what facebook knew about election data mining conducted by cambridge analytica speaking in london whistle blower chris wiley who worked at cambridge analytica says he can't understand facebook's position right now they make me out to be the suspect's or some kind of nefarious person but like what they're not saying is like i'm the one that was practically working with the information commissioner's office i was the.

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