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Wrong to. Well first of all Jamal cashiers so. Sheer. Wow. So? I don't care like. Charles. Barkley is like what he's probably a little fucking. Late sixties right now. Maybe like wait, ferret rethink so really yeah. I guess maybe right. Okay, we'll say Charles. Barkley's fifty five then. That makes sense. He's got a fucking nine inch. Reach on you whoever you are like unless you're like many Paki. Our I'm not looking. Down Charles Barkley. Come on, well I mean you know? Those are really good. Unsolved is really good. You're fucking. Doing don't. The man. It's the man man right, so if you want Salt Charles Barkley. You're going to get both barrels and that's what happened I honestly. We've already talked about that Mike. Tyson clip where he threatens the guy on air. You can we talk about how Mike Tyson's going to fight and September. Oh, we got. A. Wherever the pay per view may be here's. We're going to do the pay per view. I! I will say this right now with full honesty full. My heart is open. I will cry. I will cry when Mike Tyson fights I will. Fight I will buy fucking Lake be like I'm sorry I know it's ten o'clock at night and wearing sunglasses indoors, but I'm crying because my tightness fighting this is. Exceptional beyond what I thought life could do like. This is wild. But you know I I wanna live in a world where Charles Barkley goes us what and then fucking chokes dude with his fucking headphone cable. That is the world. I would prefer. Live to this world that we're in right now. So Charles Barkley. I know you listen. Listen to every episode, but you. Hopefully you get this one. Stop this dude. Like face, Mush when you get into the studio the next day. Fakes Motion Chair, so a falls over so good. Roy Jones Junior. He's GonNa. Be Right. Jones the third after Mike, Tyson's on with them. I like it's going to be so just going to be so. This isn't even me being funny. I will cry as a grown man might not cry when my father dies, but I will cry with Mike Tyson fights again. Looks really and he looks insane. fucking video of him training. He looks as good as he did when he fought like. I don't know fucking spinks like he looks so good. That night maybe. His eyes were really. Terrified. Of Iron? Mike has amount marching powder tim. Thank you Steve Mike. was that your shortest fight over a bit winning? If there's only one God and Mohammed blessing upon them and just profit I thought getting. A brother? WHO DIED I'll be there to see you I. Listen. To my children. I love you. God Man what. This, you're certified ever. Anytime amateur professional ever I still am Aleichem, Mida. Balking. God Danny Man. Yeah the Lennox Lewis Lennox I'm coming for you. Mike is it frustrating to train like you did and then have this seven? Only trained probably two weeks three weeks, but fight I had the barry my best friend. And I dedicate this fight I wouldn't go to dedicate this fight them. I, was gonNA. Rip His heart out. I'm the best ever. I'm the most brutal Michigan Roof Chapman Endeavor. It's no one because yes. No? I'm Alexander. He's no Alexander. They've never been anybody who. Listen I'm Jack Dempsey there's no one like from their cloth. There's no one. Cloth. Impetuous. My defense is impregnable and I'm just from historically interview longer than five. Praise, be alone. Are you saying now? Mike the bike I. Remember when he got a prison in when immediately to a mosque I remember the footage. o The Moscow I, wonder and We were talking about the mosque and Albany today. Could it have been I? Don't know there's not that many mosques all one, nevertheless at least one. Yeah, so we were talking about that mosque. That Moscow ended up being the Missile Ronnie. Out this, he got out and twenty twenty and had pizza party. Yeah, so like two thousand. Two thousand, maybe three picture in your mind's eye. A Nation of people gripped by something. They don't quite understand fully fully convinced that. The danger is just around the corner and. Peop- Every night on the news? They tell you it's not a matter. Of If, but a matter of women. Gadio in two thousand and two thousand three, it was terror cells. It could be in a big city or small, said now it could be they. Have they they have things called dirty bombs, and you have to be vigilant, and if somebody you see somebody with Brown skin buying a cell phone have to turn them in. It's the same panic or experiencing now it's very I know it's very hard to picture this world. Where everyone's in full panic about a thing, they can't quite see but yeah. So this dude, this guy in Albany. As the story goes. Troops in a bombed out building in Iraq. I think it was Iraq it was connected you. It was gonNA. It's GonNa have to the Iraq. Found his name and address in a notebook on a pizza box. L. O. L. fucking. Okay. Can we please see this? She could do. We Body Cam footage of this, okay? Yes all right, so oh, that's weird. Only survived was this guy is the same way that the only thing that survived nine levels was honey Honduras fucking driver's license so strange so weird excuse me Muhammed? or Whatever? So this guy in Albany. A long story short got set up Randy Weaver Style and WAS ARRESTED FOR LAUNDERING MONEY FOR INSURGENTS TO BUY A. surface to air missiles Stinger. To shoot down a plane the Albany airport. So the jetblue to Columbus. The American Airlines Charlotte's going down, sorry. You'RE GONNA go to end. The Delaware gap. You're working..

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