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Earlier as far as the information being presented saying that in some cases they felt like it was the Republicans and leads to her they were being lectured about this whole thing and we heard Jerry Nadler earlier on talking about releases saying if that centers went along with it Republican senators this was a cover up did that leave a bad taste in the the Senate's mouth as far as the people representing you and your fellow senators I think most of us are trying to put out of Armani's personalize and look at the facts the law the evidence that's why we need those additional documents and witnesses because they can complete the story is ready overwhelming evidence if I were the prosecutor in a jury trial here I could say I rest my case hi Americans are entitled to see all of those documents and witnesses who had eyes on and ears on the press they were in the room Mick Mulvaney Chuck the president's orders to withhold the money for Ukraine John Bolton trying to talk him out of one to one Robert Blair and Michael Duffy with the present tension executing the order the documents are black and white documents don't line we are entitled to them we're not doing the house's job the house was blocked by the president who refused to provide those documents and who prevented the witnesses from coming forward so our responsibility in the constitution is to seek the truth and put aside what we like the lawyers are not on either side we need to look at the facts and the law and put country above party this senator Richard Blumenthal member.

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