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Turns hands off. He finds his save pennies tumbles. Tolerant old down the bus around the board here in boulder with four minutes and fourteen seconds to play in the opening quarter. Three yard run Trayvon McMillan. Mark Johnson with the call McMillan had just scampered sixty three yards to get to the three yard line. But the buffs never tasted the end zone. Again. Coach Mike MacIntyre tough day force offensively. We gotta find a way to do better than that. And that's our plan. This week is bounced back and play Utah here and found a way to beat Utah. See us now dropped five straight after winning its first five games of the season. The buffs finish their home schedule next Saturday against the use of Utah. Other college football UNC beaten at Montana state, thirty five seven also rough night for the Rams is C issue falls at Nevada. Forty nine to ten air force over New Mexico. Forty two twenty four and the Colorado school of mines slams chadron state in golden forty nine to twenty mines and Pueblo share the Armagh championship next update at five thirty David KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Across the metro us slowly beginning to feel the weather is the cold front moves in this morning. I seventy in the high country, very slippery between Denver and Idaho springs. Double d turnpike between boulder and Broomfield also very slick, and I twenty five from Denver Fort Collins, a little icy outside of that twenty five I seventy five and two seventy up in comas city at posted.

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