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The handle but where you sweaty your but he you know you could have been in the broom the way you smell so sweet you could have been so eddie. Williams with the leader of the group looked at these layers. It was like what the fuck this gal so brightly colored at a candle holding you so tight you could have been handled balloted bullshit right but turned out to be pretty good so the moral of the story is if you're a singer trust your soul writers. They know what they do especially if they're legends like holland dozier holland. So there you go so you know. Peace low to mary wilson. She became a bestselling author motivational speaker. A businesswoman a. Us cultural ambassador a new york times bestselling author nineteen eighty-six. The debut autobiography dream girl by life as a supreme bestseller. She was also instrumental in passing the music. Weatherization act the act in two thousand. Eighteen is aimed to modernize copyright release issues for new music and audio recordings of the face of new technology like digital streaming which did not protect music recorded before february fifteenth. Nineteen seventy two and two thousand and one. She received associates degree in arts from new york university. The result of five year studying between touring commitments. I mean here the woman who had it all financially and everything all the things that she wanted. What did she degree for. But she went ahead and did that. Diana ross. with my condolences to you. Mary's family. I had so many wonderful memories of our time together. The supremes will live on in our hearts. Think she's going to be invited to the funeral. Those two had grown apart for for a while now so was likely in a friend. That was your best friend thirty forty years ago you know and you just found out that they died. Slann sucks tough. You know always be my best friend. Always have those memories. But in a i moved on life he'd moved on. She's moved on her lifestyle. Whatever let that Diana ross and mary wilson's relationship at the in is like. Yeah you know we. We did some great things. Legendary things unbelievable things things that will live on forever but.

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