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So we could talk in a ton of football because it's a victory. Monday, bears thirty four twenty two over the lion. Six three alone. And I and a huge test Sunday night football Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears. So that's gonna be fun to talk about all week. And then look forward to getting on the couch and watching that game on Sunday night should be amazing. So, but there's other things going on at sports feel Epstein address the BUSTER only report from late last week that the cubs have discussed trading Kris Bryant with other teams and BUSTER said he had spoken other teams. It wasn't like he made this up. Theo then talked to Paul Solomon of the Tribune. And while not denying it. He just said, look, we're looking to add impact players not take them off our roster, but no denial that, hey, we're never going to trade Kris Bryant, but again to make a deal for a player like that. It would have to be so blockbuster that there's no shot those things happen when Wayne Gretzky and Babe Ruth and Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, I'll get traded. There is no such thing as an untradable player. But they're just it's a one in a million that he would get moved that all set Jim bowdoin wrote a great article and the athletic this weekend where he said look Iran two different teams the reds and the nationals. I choir Ken, Griffey junior. At the time was a monster talent. You're not doing your due diligence. If you don't talk about every player on your roster with just about every team in the game. Right. He said you pick up the phone, and you go. Hey, Pat cap. Hey, anybody on my roster interest? You impact goes Cal. Take the bright kid. Okay. I'll take your three top prospects in your best player. Yeah. Funny guy. No, thanks. He goes. But you never know what match pops up. So he said, it's unfortunate that it got out. But it's not unusual to discuss every player with almost every other team. If you read the BUSTER only story, I you know, I thought the way feel answered the question at the meetings was like, yeah, everything's on the table. It's highly unlikely, but we listen to all about all our players. Exactly. And on the flip side. I also thought. Okay, feels when he gave that answer. He knows how that can be. Be interpreted. There's two things I thought one they offered Chris a long term deal, Scott Boris, and Chris didn't take it in the last what year right, correct? And I think he's just sending a couple flares Bryant's way that like look, I know you're going to command whatever ridiculous amount of money. It is. And I know your agent almost never accepts anything other than the top offer. That's out there. I'm just going to let you know that I would consider it just kind of like putting him in his place a little bit the other thing. I thought of was who knows Chris's medicals better than the cubs. And if you thought his shoulder long-term was was not in a good spot. With the torque that his swing will put on it. Maybe you want to get out in front of the curve and say look the power numbers are going to go down. There already are down. He's not the biggest frame. I don't see him. You know, he hasn't really gotten bigger in the weight room since he started here. This could be a long term problems that so those are the two thoughts I had as sending him a message for the negotiations down the road and be they know something we don't about his medical. It's not I'm not I'm not saying that that exists. But I'm just saying nothing says that I have witnessed is set by accident, usually. A rational thought or. Some context put behind it that he's trying to send a message somewhere. Yeah. And again what I reported probably four or five six weeks ago was they did approach him about a massive extension. And he said, no, thanks not interested in discussing fine. Right. His right, and he can make his arbitration each year, and he chose to go that path because of the agent that he is represented by. But I just wonder if at all having come off down year shoulder issues got hit in the head with a fast bomb. He had plenty to deal with this year. If he's at all given thought to maybe we ought to do that deal. Maybe we ought to think about it because I get plunked in ahead again. Who knows what happens? Legitimate thought. Interesting thing. Mike trout. The angels are now approaching him about doing a lifetime deal where they basically announced we've signed him and he's going to retire an angel and basically never go to the playoffs. Probably. And he said he'd be interested in talking about it because he went against the advice of a lot of people and signed a five-year hundred whatever million dollar deal, and he's making stupid money. Now thirty some million a year, but he will be able to be a free agent again at twenty twenty and he'll still be a baby. So he's gonna get another huge payday. So I wonder if he ends up doing that deal with the angels and not getting the free agency, by the way, did you? End up going to the. Blackhawks game the other night with. Right fielder for Washington Bryce rice heartburn. Did you state your how we did exactly? We did the show there. There was no Bryce Harper sightings. What did you make of all of that? He was in Chicago for other reasons, supposedly. The MLB trade. Rumors said, it was confirmed that he was indeed in Chicago. But he's supposed to not met with the socks yet. It's supposed to come up possibly this week. They were definitely shooting a pitch video. I liked his trolling is extensive. I mean, it is it's been going on for years. I look to see him on either side of town. But I do I do wonder about this like two years trolling since your name, and my dog Wrigley, and this pictures with every had of every sports to really make sure we put that picture of us with the Bryant out get that out there. I mean, I hear that like best friends like they have a good relationship. But he Honey. Call MRs Bryant, see if they want to hang out tonight. I need the troll people. I mean, you know, it's pretty funny. Anyway, we gotta take a fast time out. We'll cross talk with Carmen and your co you're listening ESPN. Bears and lions. Push play spares win the first of three straight vision. Gay talk about six.

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