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What is decision tech by fidelity. It's technology that can help hope you find a stock based on what's trending orne investing goal. It's real time insights in information delivered in your own customized view of the market. It's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions and it's only from fidelity open an account today fidelity dot com slash trading fidelity brokerage services services l._l._c. member n._y._s._e. As i._p._c. hi my name is andy. Mills and i am a producer for the daily. I grew up in a town on of nine hundred people middle of nowhere. I didn't really have a clear idea of what it is that reporters here. Did i think maybe my might have had some version of the cartoon from the new yorker or something something when you see in the newspaper rukmini kalomo mozell what you need to realize is that behind that story is a reporter near the frontlines of a war crouch down in an abandoned house with her laptop and she's typing as fast as she can what she's been seeing so that it can zoom around the world world and be the headline next day to keep doing that kind of work. You need people to buy in to this experiment if you're wondering how can pitch in i and more reporting and maybe more shows like the daily exist. You probably have heard of our website. Just subscribe to the time just get a subscription to the new york times thaddeus nick. Why she has a lot of money. Equally important is in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. She meets a very unusual gentleman named dr john tinton an an officer who in his spare time likes to form political advocacy groups. He's an ophthalmologist who his side gig is. Forming public pressure groups it exactly he's he's like a character out of a frank capra movie up in the small town in michigan this very charismatic good looking square-jawed guy guy who's just great at getting people excited about an issue. It's weird but he's really good at it. He actually was involved in a lot of the same issues he was involved. In environmental environmental issues he was involved in a group called zero population growth which was exactly what it sounds like so through these circles from the population movement. Dr.

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