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Of Andrew built and join with others in your office. And celebrate the good times of being a staff together. It was like really vague language. And I went with I went to a couple other volunteers that I saw on the Email. First of all the amount of people that are invited to this are over my floor are so over sixty people. Now that he's going to show up. But let's just say let's just say like half of them show up. Well, then you've got thirty people. And so they've given us three bags of popcorn did microwave, and then you're going to just tell people. Hey, so nice to be with you. We are so cheap. We have hardly about cord radio and house like this party. I I have an idea. And first of all my super great fellow colleagues on this on the staff council thing. We'll look we'll we'll we'll figure out more popcorn. But Jeff, you should do this idea. You're you're describing to us. And so on the day the popcorn party. There's a bunch of popcorn. We totally crushed getting more popcorn. And then I wore a Seersucker suit top a bowtie. I tie myself barely because I can barely remember how to do that every single time. I had a a wig like a kind of like, a a Beatles hair wig, like when the Beatles had long hair that funny long hair. And it was kind of blown back the wig. I had an advance some of the podcast. I'll I'll talk about my wigs. And then I also had. Fake teeth. Buck teeth. And I showed up, and I am mmediately was in character. When I showed up at this party, these people actually work with. So that's when I retell the story. I'm remembering that they have seen me. It's either at my height or it probably more likely my lowest. But. I had a little thing. I put like three ish minutes of continentals like science to be with you. I am Steve red Bacher. I am not. As the lawyers have had me begin to note. I am not a Representative of the red and Bacher nor Kraft food Inc. Nor the stock holder direct doors of any of these involved companies, and I do not in any way represent any of the popcorn.

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