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Are our top stories at ten fifty three tribute concert, still underway in Detroit with Williams soul Aretha Franklin Touchable opera singer Roderick Dixon Franklin performed opera number of, times so let's show taking place at Shane park Franklin's funeral is tomorrow Senator John McCain's Casca has arrived in Maryland ahead of ceremonies fraud. At the, US capitol. Sixteen Republicans that are from Arizona will line, state are the US capitol rotunda for a ceremony in, public visitation The Justice department has backed Asian American students suing Harvard University for racial bias they. Accuse the Ivy league school of dismissing some Asian, Americans in favor. Of applicants, who are, less qualified Jan Crawford is chief legal correspondent for CBS news civil rights groups are saying that this really, isn't about Asian Americans that he is just. Using them to try to get the courts. To undo affirmative action to. Benefit white people Asian Americans that are involved in this, litigation flatly disagree with that they say you know this is something that they take very seriously and they believe these policies discriminated against them The lawsuit was filed in two thousand fourteen Is that Maine has turned down a. Request from animal activists to memorialize the lobsters there, were killed at a highway wreck last week pita had asked permission to install a five-foot tombstone dedicated to the deceased crustaceans immortalising the spot on the highway where truck overturned and, spilled a cargo about seventy crates of lobsters believe scrambled to save, as many as they could when that happened which. Sadly, was, not all of them state officials now however say no go to the memorial. Because all signs are. Prohibited along, major highways out of safety concerns Peter says it will seek other ways to. Encourage the people, of Maine to try vegan I'm Jan Johnson no word and whether or not the memorial was. Going to be a gigantic tub of butter.

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