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This is news. Headlines in four minutes with alan edwards. The biden administration said wednesday. That it is preparing to begin evacuation flights for afghan interpreters and translators who aided the us military effort in the nearly twenty year war. Michael patterson reports the operation allies refuge flights out of afghanistan during the last week of july. We'll be available. I for special immigrant visa applicants already in the process of applying for us residency. According to the white house federal reserve chairman. Jerome powell said wednesday. The economy still has a lot of ground to make up before it can start to consider changing monetary policy before the house finance services committee pow appointed to gains in the labor market at signs of solid improvement but also added that the numbers have yet to return to pre pandemic levels and increase of dry winds on wednesday could bring more trouble for crews fighting wildfires in the western united states. Where more than sixty are still burning across. Several states gusts of up to thirty five miles per hour. Soaring temperatures near one hundred and five degrees and relative humidity. Falling to seventy percent are forecast for the pacific northwest. The largest blazes in the united states is the boot lake fire in oregon which is so far blackened more than two hundred thousand acres. The fire has destroyed more than fifty structures and almost two dozen homes drug overdose. Deaths rose by nearly thirty percent in the united states in twenty twenty according to a report released wednesday by the national center for health statistics over ninety three thousand drug overdose deaths where reported nationally last year. A record up from the seventy two thousand one hundred fifty. One deaths estimated for twenty nineteen. The data showed now this gig. Newton dot com is the place to sell and trade professional online services. Gigs for digital services at huge discounts. Go get newton dot com and create your free account today. California governor gavin newsom can't put his democratic party affiliation on the ballot voter see when they decide whether to remove him. A judge ruled monday. News campaign missed a deadline to submit his affiliation. To the california secretary of state shirley weber for the september fourteenth recall election news campaign said it was inadvertent and asked weber who was appointed by newsom to allow the affiliation to appear a florida man. Who painted racial slurs vehicles owned by an asian family received sentences for his hate-crimes this week. Thirty four year old kyle. Christensen spray painted the family's car with the words die rat and other racial slurs and place nails on their driveway on july. Twenty ninth twenty. Twenty christianson was sentenced to one year in jail. Three years of house arrest and seven years probation for his hate. Crimes olympic organizers said on wednesday. The tokyo summer games will be the first that are gender equal and announce a new oath that will be taken by athletes coaches and judges. The international olympic committee said that nearly half of all athletes at the games will be female and that all participating nations are given the opportunity to be represented by a minimum of one female and one male athlete texas hospital that averages about sixteen deliveries a day said it experienced a pair of manager. Baby booms with one hundred seven babies born in a total of ninety one hours andrews women's hospital at baylor scott and white all saints medical center and forth worth said the first boom started june twenty-fourth when fifty two babies were born in a forty seven hour time period. The next boom which started just a few days later on june twenty eighth had fifty five babies born in just forty four hours and that's news headlines and four minutes. I'm alan edwards..

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