Baseball, Hank Aaron, Robin Yount discussed on Wisconsin's Weekend Morning News


Like i said expansion and relocation there are procedures it takes time this was magic and i think one of the greatest contributions to our community from but see like was was obtaining this baseball team in the way that he did and and the whole was bud see like i i wanna say this this is we'll go down in in his history as one of his greatest accomplishments but i must say that is his curd accomplishment than that is teaching at the university of wisconsin marquette law school in the university of arizona may dog down as one of his greatest contributions to the tremendous knowledge this man curious about baseball and how it functions sitting in during at least one mr leagues sports law lectures and he's at his best when he puts his notes down and starts walking among the students with his hands in his pocket and starts talking about well let me tell you the story about how hank aaron mentored robin yount young robin yount and he's at his best when he does that he's at his best so real i i had a show called sports vincent i interviewed him on the sports biz i asked him one question laid one question and forty five minutes later the show was even though this was unprecedented there was timing involved timing was everything with which you know in which the pilots moved in milwaukee so quickly but had mr seelig not had his ducks in a row even though he didn't know what was he didn't really have at the time he wasn't fully aware how close seattle really wanted to move but.

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