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Mets, Yankees, Kleber Torres discussed on John Jastremski


Follows starters go i mean the people that they have i think they can carry the load i mean you you you keep loophole in the starting rotation but bullpen help you out in the bullpen and just feel well how about if he's not if he's not whatever and i think that's right well how both jeeze if they have the guts to make it kevin i gotta be honest with you my friend his own crazy way make sense for both clubs but it's so bold and painful that i think neither team would say yes to it neither team and that's a tough thing to do usually when you have a trade like this there's one team or the other you say no you can't do that so you'd have the mets say how do we give up degrom and syndergaard can't give up both and you'd have the yankees saying we're not giving up all this young positional talent in particular at this point it feels like kleber torres is untouchable untouchable with them so i think on both sides there'd be a it's just too tough too bold to painful dove we do it but can you imagine a yankee lineup i mean they still would have so you put in a brand new jury and have him play third base i understand that neil walker is not for or ronald tarez they're not close but imagine if you sub those guys in and now suddenly you had to start patients did you grab and syndergaard with severino he certainly would like that team come come playoff and world series time and the flip side is if you were the mets and you were pressing the reset button i'm sure there's a lot of mets fans saying no way wouldn't trade both no way but with his with his trade if you ended up with rayo muto behind the plate and tyler austin in the lineup and justice sheffield in del dances and you ended up with andrew harr and torres you wanna tell me mets fans you wouldn't really think about that.

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