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And Israel like crap well seven interview with John was the the the mayor of the city of Shiloh Israel we talk about the fact that a see not these receipts leave N. and you are Omar want to go to Israel for some reason they want to go there he's like I don't dress here don't even I will I can't see any reason why these people would go to Israel can you I can see it I have no idea and to me it's just an attempt again to play some sort of strange game of hatred towards it listen when I say hatred towards Israel you can go look up the things that were said by by these radical leftist you can get you can just look it up we're we're here till you and you on Omar are actively trying to get an official boycott of Israel they're claiming that they have the right to do it because the first amendment rights they're trying to boycott Israel at the same time they're saying they want to go to Israel I'm not I'm not kidding with you this is what they're saying to leave the state on the on the house floor and talk about how racist Israel is I'm not kidding not making it up hello David Rubin he is the former mayor shallow is reliable and run the program to talk about whether you want them to come there or not and and also about why do you tax in Israel are happening I talked about the promise land and so and so on so make sure you stick around for that are at the mall or hearings Robert Muller shows up any should now many people predicted that he wouldn't show up I thought he would but in the same event I was kind of right he didn't really say anything I'm not so sure that it was on purpose though he didn't say anything because he didn't he didn't know anything can you imagine a guy spent over two years investigating the farce and hoax that was the alleged Russia collusion with president trump of the trump campaign you spent two years Todd thousands of hours of of investigation thousands of hours of interrogation only crimes that that you've charged anybody in this country with lying to the FBI and then you indict allegedly indict twelve or thirteen Russians that we'll never hear from again you hire a bunch of people better but you'll be Clinton supporters you've got the FISA court issues that should have been investigated and will be I think by the DOJ but Muller doesn't do a good job on that angle you come out to give a statement mother to ago and then you show up in front of Congress it quite literally make it clear you don't know anything about your own investigation nothing you don't know anything about what happened for the past two years you sit there in front of the world enter clueless he didn't know who appointed him to to be the director back in the day that of course is Ron Reagan he said bush when people are quoting from the actual Muller report he would say I can't talk about that they would say it's in your report a whole okay what would page the guy didn't know what was in his report when he was asked who wrote the statement he made a month or two ago he said I'm I'm not gonna talk about that which means he didn't write it he stood there in front of the world or sat there for the world it looks feeble look confused could hear anything can you repeat the question not my purview when it was in his purview pretended he didn't know who Jones fusion GPS was the company that put together the fake dossier alleging all sorts of strange weird sorted issues with the president of states the guy made a fool of himself now the left did grab something out of that test to use it he was asked could could the present be charged after leaves office is it what well yeah meeting yes he be charged with speeding or shoplifting or murder should he do something like that wasn't specifically about this investigation but of course the left hook that ran with it and pretended like Muller was saying so this probably was off is going to get arrested gonna be indicted could be charged so he said in fact later we had to come back and correct himself well when I said that what I I I I didn't mean that we came to some conclusion that he should be charged in this report we we made no such conclusion and then something completely on legal some would say illegal something completely unconstitutional something against our due process Forman fashion this country he says we were not able to exonerate the president what when did that become legal standard when you go in front of a judge and jury the charge of the crime you are it isn't the entire trial until such time as the jury comes back with a result of the judge comes back with a result that says you're guilty that's the way it works in this country they were not doing an investigation to prove the exoneration of anybody they're doing an investigation to see these innocent parties were in fact not innocent and should be charged with something they could not come to the conclusion that the president was guilty of something so they didn't not exonerate him they didn't take aways innocence everybody listen to me right now is innocent of anything legally until somebody proves in a court of law that you're not that's the standard it's never changed it probably never will Robert Muller saying we could exonerate him was so not legal by terminology by foreman fashion that it actually was ludicrous but of course the the legacy media grab that could exonerate him could be charged relieves it was a nothing murder it was a farce and it left a whole lot of egg on the faces of left and afterwards was Jerry Nadler do the oversight.

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