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Out of different factories. So with my background, not seeing any type of representation, any type of media unless you, you know, saw comedy movie that was making fun of Brown guy for being a cab driver or the Simpsons, having who the quick mar or anybody else in a convenience store, gas station. That's the only time I saw representation, and as a kid, my dad was a cab driver. So it made sense. You know, I wasn't offended. I just, just these were my context like people don't look like me. And I mean even to this day, you know, I'm, I'm probably still one of the most prominent guys with a beard and turban that people will see in mass media. Yeah. I mean I'm curious when you're we now your parents came here. I was born and raised in Toronto guy when day came here, did they kinda come and say, okay, I want to carry all the traditions with me, or do they come and sorta like my decision. Let's see if we can assimilate or something in the middle 'cause I'm only. Fascinated by that. I'm always fascinated by that to feel like those conversations happen, but they don't ever actually happen with the immigrants, and I've written about immigrants spurious, and in my experience with it, and then I had, you know, when somebody brings it up to my father, you know, for him, I feel like it was a lot more. Pragmatic it was like, all right. We're going to come here and we're gonna make money and we're gonna earn and we're going to build a better life, and I don't think he in any way, shape or form thought about the cultural impact. I don't think it even occurred to him that you're going to different country. I think whatever was pragmatic at the time he did. So you like to learn English. All right. Let's learn English. I don't think having a social life was a priority of his even. Now, you know, they're both retired and live, very, very simple lives. So I think from that perspective, you know, his social life was going to be his brothers and his sisters. And you know anybody else from the village or anybody else from up in job or India that he. Came across in while he was in Toronto like his oldest friends are just people that also came out in the seventies, and, you know, and they'll live together and, you know, fifteen people in an apartment until they earn enough money to get their own places and slowly build their own lives. So a lot of my dad's oldest friends from back then, or just whoever was there within the community. So I don't think they felt they probably didn't feel the pressure as much whereas his brothers, his younger brothers. He brought them and they came as teenagers. They I see both did cut their hair in the similarly, and I feel like that was because they were school. So maybe the pressure my father came, I think, in his early twenties. Right. So he was kinda pass that moment. Yeah, I think I think he had finished university already back home. So he had come immediately joined the workforce, and probably the jobs. He was getting working in factory was probably working in a lot of jobs that were just full of immigrants to begin with probably not feeling in need to kind of fit in a blending when I grew up, actually didn't have my hair grown. My mom used to cut my hair. I was a little bowl cut kid or mushroom cut and my father were turban. I didn't. And that always confused me like you know why does he like that? And I look like this and I think maybe they, they made an effort to try to get me to blend in but at the same time I also feel like their relationship with spirituality with sick philosophy in general wasn't very strong. I think for them it was just cultural heritage. This is how we look you know, and people in job. Cut their hair all the time as well. Just kind of cultural preference. And if you get more into the spiritual side than you a little bit more serious, and it wasn't until my, you know, I was probably six seven years old. My mother was working the Kelloggs factory and she we had moved is around the corner from the house that we had purchased..

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