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The evolution of the Mediterranean regions complex geology which arises with the moon ranges and dips would cease from Spain to around it went under about a hundred and forty million years ago. Rachel Nevada they prepared for thirty thousand people the storm area fifty one but the number of visitors that descended on the extraterrestrial town a hundred and fifty miles from Las Vegas picked up just three thousand allowing authorities on Saturday to begin scaling back operations nothing serious happened at area fifty one by the way are triangular craft recorded by the international space station's live feed covering over earth as let viewers to ask if it's part of the US space for ship who knows United States space for ship is a proposed space warfare service branch of the US armed forces which is intended to have control over military space operations what else is going on in the skies let's check in with Stephen Kate's doctor sky what your report this week Steven and I George happy equinox to you in the listeners of the course welcome in autumn twenty nineteen and George this is probably some of the best guy observing coming up in the next few months we begin with astronomy Venus the second planet from the sun is a most inhospitable places many people do not all with surface temperatures upwards of nine hundred degrees Fahrenheit which was a recent study by astronomers suggests that Venus may have had water on its surface and moderate temperatures which may have even had some primitive life but something dramatic occurred some seven hundred million years ago when massive explosions of CO two from constant volcanic activity transform the pundits who it is what it is today a planet that has a day longer than its year rotating backwards and continuing on Venus George because it'll slowly start to appear in the western sky as it moves into that part of the sky in the fall the brightest of the planets that we can see what a Japanese spacecraft acted suki. other Japanese spacecraft is detected super wins in the clouds of Venus and they move around the planet the fastest that we've ever seen the circle the globe player in for Earth Day is but another Sky News George astronomers confirm water vapor in the exoplanets Cape to eighteen be simple is super earth a hundred and ten light years from us but it's more likely that the object does not support life as no measurable surface is there on that potential planet because it's around the red WordStar but George finally in the lives guy as we mentioned falls in the year the moon tomorrow morning as you look into the sky folks just before sunrise the moon glides past the beehive star cluster in the constellation of cancer the crab marketers are necessary a beautiful sight the moon closest to the earth George on the twenty eighth because urging and then spectacularly the dark of the moon or new moon this Saturday is the time to see thanks guy objects doctors guy always reminds everyone always remember to keep your eyes to the skies email me at D. R. skyline doctors got a show at G..

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