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Are dead in Taiwan after a newer faster train derailed and a curved long a popular weekend. Route officials say another one hundred seventy one people hurt in that accident. Correspondent Karen Thomas with the story the Deval China's one of Taiwan's per you may express trains which can travel at up to ninety three miles an hour and was not since two thousand thirteen a handle the very difficult topography of Taiwan's east. Cased the train was carrying three hundred and sixty six passengers from a suburb of Taipei in the north to tighten a city on Taiwan southeast cased faces from the scene said the trains causing exact full Mason near the tracks. Five of the eight causa ten Dave on their sides. Most of the deaths were in the first call which flipped over passengers are trying to escape from the different characters through the windows and bystanders had gathered to help before rescuers arrived. Authorities are investigating the cause of the derailment. I'm Karen, China's Congo's military says rebels have killed thirteen civilians and abducted a dozen children in. In an attack at the center of the latest deadly Ebola. Outbreak officials say the rebels attacked Congolese army positions in several neighborhoods of Benny this weekend. Late last month. Ebola outbreak containment efforts had to be suspended for days in the area. That's after a deadly rebel attack. Since then the number of new cases is more than doubled in Beni CBS. Reporter John Hewitt says the investigation into to Detroit funeral homes where the remains of more than seventy fetuses were found in boxes and freezers will intensify this week. I am committed to get to the truth calling the discoveries. Very disturbing Detroit. Police chief James Craig says the investigations into a pair of funeral homes. Now, both shutdown is growing after dozens of fetal remains were recovered attorneys, representing at least two families say Medicare was billed for burials. That were never held. We want to understand the reasons was it financial gay. And if so how cool new who else is involved in this John Hewitt for CBS news, Detroit a four year old program, providing Connecticut state troopers with training and equipment to handle opioid overdoses has saved two hundred sixty eight. Lives. The program created in two thousand fourteen but democratic governor Daniel Malloy, the legislation modified an existing law allowing only licensed healthcare practitioners to administer Narcan. The update authorizes anyone to administer the drug as long as they believe the person receiving the dose is experiencing an overdose. Young Catholics facing off against old Bishop says the Vatican youth conference enters its last week. Maybe sees Megan Williams is in Rome delegates at the Vatican's. Month-long youth conference are insisting that the final document contained an overtly inclusive message towards LGBT Catholics to signal a church that has defined their sexuality as deviant and even evil now accepts them, but the move has met with staunch opposition from older conservative bishops such as Philadelphia archbishop, Charles shampoo, but other bishops seem okay with more inclusive message and for the first time use the term LGBT in a document ahead of the conference. Megan Williams, ABC news, Rome. It's a story. That's never.

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