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Like okay i'm just trying to think of his your mindset in reiki glazed is fucking pop superstar sexiest man alive playing a prank on a new york post writer doing a high voice hello like that's like he probably thought about that for a while before the phone calls kate phone calls can be three pm i'm just going to talk in a really high voice and say that my balls got cut off this is hilarious thought processes like okay this is this is a writer from the new york post bigtime journalist here i introduce something to break the ice and endear him i gotta show him a more than just a you know a great voice in a in a pretty face i'll show my comedic skills hello no there's no in reggae glee just kidding it's me and ricky iglesias just kidding i still have my balls like i got cast like house that makes i think it's it says according to the writer this is how the writer interpreted it he crows he says that was you thought that was my real voice like as if you know how sometimes like a british person might sound more american when they sing rickie you sounds when he just talks normally the joe right yeah horrible but then the writer says before another gag occurs to him it is i got castrated so that's like him working on the fly turn and he's going to double down on this yes and.

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