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Would sack abraham chief investment officer at bulworth capital management so now is the one thing i i was um as you and i didn't i started following you probably in the last four years in in wanted to get into this a little bit where were you at because i i look back at the world i with my grandfather and father sort of the broker dealer in seattle in so i back in '83 so i grew up a around the industry in literally had crib in a brokerage firm um or a plate pen whenever and um and i i look at the world sort of bifurcated in the sense that to me everything changed in two thousand eight two thousand nine what give me i i was naval to really figure out what we're what your take on things was going into that around two thousand seven and tell me if you agree with that in and you know lay out you know how we look at you how you look at that and how you guys at morgan creek kinda do you see it that way what will your thoughts going into it kind of guinea the rundown of that whole donald times i look i i couldn't agree more in and learn more from our mistakes than our successes um this plays right into that that point and know i didn't grow up in the business i and i did grow up on the pacific northwest i grew up in seattle and and i went to blanchett high for a couple of years and and then ended up movin off two to all points east and ended up in chapel hill but um you know in seattle what was interesting is you know you they say you're formed in investing by the environment in which you corrupts i still remember the billboard you know the last personal leave seattle to not allies yeah i mean i i i remember seeing it i it it's not a myth to mean it right with a real billboard and so you know i i i've watched the resilience of the city uh and now in fact they've had lunch with uh to people from seattle here today um who were in town for a meeting over duke and and they were just talking about the absolute craziness of real estate oh it's not particularly in the downtown area and around lake union.

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