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And crisis maybe hold each other brothers sisters. And however you identifying the global community maybe honor humanity as one whole imperfect entity hold each other. Pray and wish for peace love forever is it demi lovato lady gaga or miley cyrus. Oh boy all right well. First off demi lovato. She went to like a fro. Yo plays and then put them on blast for having their non caloric sugar free sugar free stuff too close to the front door or something. So the big chill is not hugging. Anybody are demi lovato kylie and miley cyrus alga lady gaga right. What do you think gina grad. Well you know you bring up an interesting point. Adam corolla but i'm going to use your point against you and say this is demi levato attempt to polish up her brand after that fro. Yo nightmare fro. Yo gate is. Brian always calls it. So i'm going demi lovato can you do that. Is minnesota mom look. I don't know who i remember. There was a girl named demi. Oh gosh probably about thirty years ago. She was such a pretty girl. The lawn black hair. I remember because howard used to make me dress up one crazy summer the morning. No you breath. Your heart wonders all that. I can't make my bars if i don't have a little music so it's always either a keep breaking harder. Don't that sun go down on me. Route skin buggy must be up there or detroit rock city. Were they get up everybody to leave your get down everybody detroit so vaster salone thoughts..

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