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That's one story for that wasn't political in fact that you know if you believe that story maybe it's apocryphal maybe it's not that that's the story i for that it was based on quote unquote honoring the fellow who turned out not the native american apparently was black and maybe white idol he was not he was not a remark but it it didn't have a political genesis right it was like okay we're going to honour this guy if you believe that store rival so in i for that argument wear honoring you know the native americans you have the sis attend red men i think you know we used to have the of university north dakota sue things like that she i draw distinction between redskins in the fighting through you know i i i do see a different i don't see fighting she was disparaging i definitely see redskins is disparaging and i would probably agree with you and with the the fighting sue apparently the tribes in north dakota had given their blessing to use the term the nc aa didn't care because they had kind of a no native american term you you know for any depending on the school outing like they've they were a little arbitrary in the way they seat without some schools the nc aa was right but i'm i'm with you eat the a it's it's not a it's not a term that i use again other than in naming this team because that is their name otherwise it's just not a part of my vote vocabulary the work redskins so i totally understand where you're coming from it had been my hope that the team could move beyond the him but i also understand people become very very loyal to these names to their mascots to their for them it's a sense of tradition and whatnot it's a i've always felt that's their decision to make on bottom line for you here in disagreeing with the just or the nine justices now of the us supreme court yesterday on this where do you think the word i think the didn't understand the distinction of the statutory nature of the lanham act that it is a the law passed by congress does not have a basis in the constitution other than the commerce clause and that it does not that the mirror ability to buy about our over again so to to for the federal.

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