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I feel like you're showing your West Coast bias, but go right ahead. There's a little bit of that going on right now. Only because Stanford was a team that I covered for a very long time. How about this for a little nug here on the cardinal? It's coming up on the NFL explained podcast. With our newest unlimited plan, everyone's welcome. Introducing welcome unlimited from Verizon for just $30 a line per month for four lines. With auto pay plus taxes and fees. Our best priced unlimited plan ever. Did he say $30? Yep, $30 a line for the whole family. The network you want. The price you love. Switch to Verizon today. Pay for free billing required. Unlimited 5G nationwide four G LTE. In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. All smartphone lines on the account must be unwelcome unlimited. And are eligible only for select promotions. Includes domestic talk text and data usage only data running at two G speeds. What up? It's dramas. You may know me from the recap on LA TV. Now I've got my own podcast, life as a gringo, how much you every Tuesday and Thursday. We'll be talking real and unapologetic about all things of life, Latin culture, and everything in between from someone who's never quite fit in. Listen to life as a gringo and the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Brought to you by State Farm, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. Welcome back to the NFL explained podcast Mike yamen and Dee Dee kinka wallo with you. Adida, let's get right back to this. How about this for a little nug here on the Cardinals? Stanford has the second most quarterbacks drafted since the common era began. 17. 17, which is kind of crazy. You know, you're always doing the pop quiz thing on me. How about this for you? Do you know which school has the most though when it comes to quarterbacks drafted in the common era? I'll give you a hint. I'll give you it's a packed bowl school. Pack 12. Did you notice how I said pack twin? Like I didn't know if I was saying pack 12 or pack ten right there. Oh, well, it has to be USC, wasn't there like that you were like, it was like Matt leinart and Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley and like anybody and everybody, you just had to play the position and you'd be drafted out of that school? Yeah, that's what happens when you go to USC and you're the team starting quarterback. You get thrust into the Heisman conversation, everyone thinks you are bound for NFL stardom, but you're right. You hit the nail on the head, SC 19 of those quarterbacks. Carson Palmer's probably the one who had the best NFL career of the group. Maybe there's some conversation and debate to be had there. But I throw his name into the mix. Florida state, Washington, Ohio State actually round out the top 5 schools with the most quarterbacks drafted since 1967. Buckeyes though have the most players drafted in the first round with 83, followed by, yeah, we'll say it again. USC, then Alabama, Notre-Dame, and Miami, the school with the most number one overall picks. Damn, Trojans. Talk about that history. USC and Oklahoma both with 5 adidi. I feel like this is such a generational thing too. You know, if you had asked me, and I'm thinking about the last, let's call it 5 drafts. I'm definitely thinking SEC. Oh, no doubt. Right? Whether it's Alabama or LSU or but again, everything is cyclical. And so we were just mentioning players drafted in the first round. How about this one? Father son combos drafted in the first round. And listen to this, there's actually two instances of a dad being a first rounder and two of his kids being taken in the first round. Actually, if you think about it, I think they're probably pretty obvious, yeah. Well, the mannings, right? That's the layup for me. I'm trying to remember who the other, so there's well, here's what's crazy about that, too. Archie Manning was drafted by his hometown saints in 1971 and then Peyton like we mentioned earlier was taken by the colts in 98, and Eli Manning was the number one overall pick of San Diego in 2004, but he didn't want to play there, and so of course he spent his entire career with the Giants. But here's what's crazy. There could be a nephew. There could be a third generation first round pick because Peyton and Eli's older brother Cooper has a son named arch, Mike. He's a superstar in high school right now. You kind of have to be with that name, don't you? Well, here's another name that has pulled that out and you mentioned Ohio State. Well, Joey and Nick Bosa were drafted in the first round in 2016 and 2019 and their dad, of course, was a longtime NFL player drafted in the first round in 1987 out of Boston college and I'll tell you this. I was at Nick Bosa's pro day at Ohio State. I met his dad, and he looked like he could still play or put the hurt on somebody. That does not surprise me at all. I remember actually being at a niners practice before the season had started, dude looks like a Greek God. I mean, the whole family, the genetic thing, it is definitely a real deal. Because it's not just physically what you have, but just think about being around NFL dudes all the time. How often do you mention pro days a deity? How often do you go to a pro day or do you see a guy or talk to a player who's in the NFL and you hear that their dad or their uncle was a coach or a former player themselves? Like all of that exposure to the game, I think gives them a huge edge. And once again, it does come down to genetics, because I could have been exposed to it. My entire life, adini, I am playing in the NFL. That's not going to happen. It's interesting. You say that because I was just at Kenny Pickett's pro day, the quarterback out of pit. And I met his parents who were the most lovely people. And I was chatting with his dad about how Kenny knew he wanted to be a quarterback at the age of 5, and that was that. But of course he had in high school he did play other positions. And so when I asked Kenny, I said to him, hey, your dad said you could have made a pretty good linebacker too. He laughed, and he said, that's high praise because his dad was a really good linebacker. And he said, I hope I bring that edge to the quarterback position. So there's definitely that. Did you shake his dad's hand? I'm trying to actually, as we chat here, there are two guys this year whose fathers were drafted in the NFL, who had older brothers who were drafted and who also could be drafted now. So BC offensive lineman, Alec lindstrom, has a father, Chris, who played in the NFL and made a Pro Bowl at an older brother who is in the NFL named Chris. And then Michigan state fullback Connor Hayward as a father, Craig ironhead Heyward, who of course was in the Pro Bowl and has a big brother, cam, Hayward, who is the great defensive lineman for the Steelers who as well has made the Pro Bowl. I don't believe that either of these young players are going to be first round picks, though. You think Kenny's first quarterback off the board? I do, actually. Okay. But let's get back, let's get back to this one. So anyway, some of the other father son combos that are drafted in the first round. The Steelers have another one. Devin bush, who's their middle linebacker, Devin bush junior was drafted in 2000 19, his dad Devin bush also was drafted in 1995. Jamal Adams, 2000 17, his dad, George Adams, 1985. Of course, Jake Matthews and Bruce Matthews, Craig, and Kim Heyward, as I just said, Mark Ingram, his dad was also a first round pick, clay Matthews junior and clay Matthews. They were both first round picks, Kellen Winslow, junior, and his dad, Kellen Winslow, were also first round picks, and then of course the mannings, as we said, and the boses. Okay. This is purely an opinion. There's no wrong answer right answer, but I will ask you the question adida before we wrap up this show. The best father son combo in pro sports. Because there's one that comes to mind, but

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