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And lay down, and I'm sad. Why are we playing a 50 year old countries Young, written by Chris In Tom McCarthy's most excellent with Matt Damon, giving the best performance of his career in this movie called Still Water. And so that is a sign from 1971 and Roger is convinced it's going to be a huge and it's just premiered at Com. Just it was at the Cannes Film Festival and, um so, Roger Friedman said. So this is Tom McCarthy, who Oscar winning writer and director of spotlight If you saw that movie, amazing movie about the Boston newspapers investigation into the Catholic Church, Uh, he also did the station agent with Peter Dinklage and the visitor and he said Uh, this is you could say the idea is not completely original because it's influenced by the case of Amanda Knox, the American girl who is accused of killing her roommate in Italy. She spent four years in the prison in Italy and then the Italian Supreme Court released her. So McCarthy, who uses this as a jumping off point to write his own version of what he thinks happen, and he's created the father of the girl in the person of Matt Damon named Bill Blake. And let's say this is the best. Performance in a 25 year. Career of really good acting right? And he's the dad. Bill Baker is the dad. He's in Oklahoma Oil worker who visits his daughter. Mercy. France. Yes. Where she is in prison for the murder of her girlfriend and the gal. The woman who's the French liaison for him. Whatever is our gal from, um, call my agent. Her name is Camille Cotinine. She's amazing. And Abigail Breslin pays his daughter right? And, uh, the daughter says to him what What if I know who the real murder is, If only he can be found and Bill will have to do it since, uh, you know, her lawyer, which is played by, I think by Camille says it's a dead end. So it's about that. And McCarthy is really he. He just said this is amazing. How far will the dad go to get his daughter out of prison? This man is from Stillwater, Oklahoma Nut Stillwater, Minnesota and, uh, he said, this is just a tour to divorce and men and women will both like this movie, and this opens July 30th in theaters. Oh, it sounds so good. And Matt Damon, If you remember what that performance in Martian that was, that was everything. And we ain't married eight Mars we We hate the thought of spending four years going to visit a planet which we're never going to do. But I mean that he Matt Damon is an amazing actor. Yeah, Roger thinks radio programmers would be smart to take out the Sammy Smith version of Make it through the night and dusted off because they're going to get requests like crazy and we just played that for you so gone full circle and why we played the song. Right. Okay. So then Chris Hewitt had a great story. Great school. I hope this gets picked up by other outlets. Um, the Sean Penn movie that is getting raves that debuted at Cannes Film Festival A couple days talked about yesterday. Okay? Was it just yesterday starring his daughter? It's called Flag Day. Well, apparently, and we knew it was based on a memoir called The Flim Flam Man. The True story of my Father's counter for life. What we didn't know. And Chris is sharing with us is that Jennifer Vogel is you know she's a former city pages, NPR journalists from Minnesota. It's about her dad, and he interviewed her. Because she was in can remember when I said, uh Sean Penn was flying 70 people associated with the films too, can on his budget. Yes, is he's directing himself in this movie. So and I guess she's working on a novel okay, And but she went to Cannes and talked to Chris, she said. I never This movie her book. Her memo was optioned in 2000 and four and it went through numerous Oscar winners and studio changes until Shawn Got into Shawn's hand, and he decided to direct and stars her father, and she said, when somebody like Sean Penn says he wants to do it. It's just it just happened, you know, but it took that long, You know to happen and she said, I never dreamed I would be in can watching a film based on my life. My memoir on the Mediterranean. Wearing high heels, sipping champagne on a veranda, and she also had champagne in her hair at a pre show party, a server splashed on her, and her stylist told her the booze would enhance her red carpet do Wow! And she says she manned up writing about the experience of being in Cannes, which included observing people and elegant ball gowns. Holding up signs in French that said, need tickets and watching paparazzi swerve away from her in search of somebody Who's somebody? Which we know we've seen that happen, she said. I got picked up by a festival card. The airport and people are clustering around my car with their cameras. Who is it? Who is it? And it's just me in sweat pants. Yeah, sweatshirt from along international flight, and nobody knows who she is. And she said at the screen, she was seated next star Dylan Penn. Who's playing basically her. And in his curtain speech, Sean Penn thanked his daughter and the woman she played. And, um, Sean points to me after he talks about me and I'm like, Oh, no. Everyone is looking at me and Oliver Stone is in the road ahead. So I'm looking into Oliver's eyes as I'm getting a standing ovation. For what? I'm not sure how. Yeah. How exciting? No. And and I'm just that the thing is, is that the reviews are all over the board for the flag and a little lower than you'd want. Yeah, we'll go see it anyway. Yeah, you will. I will, For sure. I mean, yeah, And so because there's some people that said, if it was an unknown director, this would have been a good movie. But everyone knows Sean Penn, and they expect more. So there's a little expectation in there, but, um, there's some good and some bad. Yeah, and remember, he isn't It hasn't been reviewed in the US This is just foreign. Yeah, And then you know, these are these are no. These are little. Yeah, Yeah. All right, then. The other movie that's making buzz in Cannes is a movie called Red Rocket. Okay. What's that? Which that God, a standing ovation. Uh, about nine minutes about the same as the flag day. These are how do it must just be? Because the director the cast is there. So you of course It's like seeing a Broadway play. Yes, Yes. So you just stand and stand and stand and stand, right? Yes. French Dispatch. There was so many stars. You had to keep clapping because they're clapping because they all turn around and.

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