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Got a tremendous arm. The grizzlies. I've really been emphasizing the running game the last three weeks, and why not it's been very effective at to come out throwing the ball today. That's good to see for trae self and the grizzlies it looks like he's really catching up with the speed of the game. Then if that is self tenth touchdown pass of the year against four interceptions. Redshirt freshman trae self young man, who is at a Texas near Fort Worth center as a ball teed up to thirty five yard line. Ended up is away. And boy he blasts that one and it is almost a goal if the other end the north end zone. What Tyler centers having? We're always then he gets it up in the Jetstream, but there's not much wind out there. And he kicked read through the end zone. Tyler is from Topeka Kansas sophomore last year is on the sidelines for most of the year watching of another good kicker Luke winter. And now, it's his turn. And he's making the most of it. I understand that Tyler gender is committed to case. I wonder as a punter kicker. I don't know. But he does both. Well. Especially the punning shop. Here comes Ellsworth with their second possession the afternoon and act to pass. And I first swing pass left side. Incomplete is one of the running back out of the backfield. Bled out to the left side that pass was office fingertips. Incomplete completely. Just the three step drop. Butler had good pressure on the quarterback. He decided to throw that ball away. Almost tayla. Alexander is the quarterback figures they might use a couple of quarterbacks today. The Panthers Alexander on second down. Here's a draw play at the middle. The running back tries to wiggle his way free, but he's going nowhere stopped to the line of scrimmage, wrapped up by several purple uniforms. Those the butlers front for really getting a strong rush on run the drop way there. And I think the back just really missed the whole..

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