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A felony athena and they played the whole double album dilemmas broadway and then they didn't other almost an hour and a half of watcher of the skies and the music with all the heaviest from nearly albums and the the it was presented all these different costumes and makeup given that that was what attribute if i was ever going to be in a man we would have to have a show like that and then the the year office seventy five or so is kuba welcome to nightmare blew me away to completely you know so a lot of people thought he was kissed you know but that was not what inspired me to do those things you know like kiss bagging those days absolutely i solar they're already concepts and stuff but that was not my that came from genesis you would probably not think of but that's the first is peter gabriel was very theatrical performance stream yeah yeah absolutely when you put on when you talk about cancer alice cooper or i don't know for from peter gabriel's perspective but i know from talking to people in the guys in kiss and alice when you when you be put on the makeup and you put on the costume even to this day when you shows do you feel different do you do you you because sometimes they feel like they're almost it's like a superhero going in a different nothing changes your personality nothing changed it happens hotel rooms you know i do because it's small relaxing tonight standing i listen to the through the state that i'm gonna go sing now and then you you preparing you put makeup on it put get into your costume in your hotel prior to getting to the gig and then you just get arrive.

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