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A chance to win exclusively on your flagship hvac reactivates for the fan i'm like ticked off now by colby because maggie gray's coming up at two brought up a interview she did with john calipari a guy who was talking about cobian how the great john callard ninety five down i am just that was the kerry kittles and i love terry i really do i loved karen kittles good defender good 3point shot is part of the old to dave all that but it bothers me to no end that the nets de just call them out on it and say we take an you and bobby marks said hey if we copy to stay in kobe wasn't leaving hollywood of internet now maybe he would a left it for yellow bellied jose charlotte actually draft there out the la riots he wants them to enforce anything like hey allowed it to happen here i guess what would happen if the hornets just took or the nets just talk compare sean are those copy europe what did i remembered as a reactor so they could it took kkob ahead they took kills edicom years i don't remember at all i trust me i remember osher though was it that the draft that was wasn't at the meadowlands was at the draft with an extended three pick saturday the glick john wallace all you walter mccarty end and yet dante john j j b stay and have been the same year remember i just remember that aspect of it and it just annoyed me analyses get is stupid number retired right figured about it again anyhow theirs also that's okay it's not your fault it's really is maggie fault either it's caligaris fault yet all his fault let's heels celebrate them as the greatest basketball mind of all time well what a horrible horrible mistake was a good anyhow here's some good news all right let's get to the good news but said new york islanders get this i'll go to eventually play their home games on long island again while beacon a concept crazy set and joining us right now jim bombardier covered as he of news day tomorrow they'll be an announcement at eleven a m and apparently they're gonna win the bidding jim joan evan how are you hygiene hour how you doing good good does this come as a surprise i.

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