Steve Bannon Bannon, Donald Trump, Cambridge discussed on Fresh Air - Inside The 'Shakespearian Irony' Of Trump & Bannon's Relationship


Cambridge analytica is a data vendor in a lot of republican mainstream republican outlets felt very threatened by this you have this company kind of elbowing their way in that controls this data that the party doesn't um but cambridge analytica has been a big part of the trump story and in fact they had their own data scientists embedded at the trump campaign that very advanced models about who trump was appealing to and who they needed to reach it wasn't clear at the time uh that they really knew what they were doing i think but in hindsight it's clear that the that they did so in terms of cambridge in olympic as connection t steve bannon bannon had an ownership stake in the company and a seat on the board what do you think cambridge analytica did to help trump win they went in and spent a lot of time and money figuring out who trump voters really are and how they differ from ordinary republican voters there more rural they're more populist they care about different issues than your standard republican does and so uh the trump campaign was able to go and find those voters in places like the florida panhandle uh intern them out in numbers that nobody no mainstream political analysts expected the they figured out you know who these people are and a lot of us and i include myself in this category a thought trump's promises in the closing weeks of the campaign that there was going to be this briggs it affect these hidden voters we're gonna come out of the woodwork with was just absurd in in in in the event that's pretty much what happened.

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