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Sunscreens good for people. But apparently not so good for coral reefs. West officials have taken the initial steps toward banning the sale of sunscreens containing two ingredients that may contribute to coral bleaching. The Miami Herald reports the key west of the commission unanimously approved the measure and would have to pass it again before it could become law last year Hawaii and the sale or distribution of sunscreens in tainting the chemicals starting in twenty twenty one. Rich Thomasson reporting. January sixteenth birthday is author. William Kennedy turned ninety one opera singer Marilyn Horne eighty-five hall of fame auto racer AJ Foyt, eighty four country singer, Ronnie Millsaps Seventy-six movie director, John carpenter, seventy one actress dancer choreographer Debbie Allen, turned sixty nine labor secretary Alexander Costas, celebrated his fiftieth birthday and model. Kate moss. Forty-five this is townhall. Spacex says it will build its mar spaceship in south Texas instead of the port of Los Angeles, dealing another blow to the California Konami only days after the company announced massive layoffs. A southern California based company announced that test versions of its starship and super heavy rocket will be assembled that it's Texas launch facility and a move to streamline operations development of the spaceship will continue at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne space. X one permission last year to build a giant new facility on leased land at the port, which could potentially ev- added hundreds of jobs to the region last week SpaceX announced that it will lay off about ten percent of its roughly six thousand workers mostly from its Hawthorne headquarters. Keith peters. Reporting. January sixteenth nineteenth seventy eight NASA named thirty five candidates to fly in the space shuttle, including Sally ride who became America's first woman in space. More on these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Rhonda rockstar. Mm-hmm. In nineteen fifty-six his father escaped from prison hungry when he was facing life in jail for fighting against communism and the Soviet invasion. His mother escaped at the same time. They fled to the UK. He learned from an early age how to fight the war against fascist communists, and Nazis became more on expert in fighting terrorists wrote the book why we fight joined the Trump team by the White House staff in two thousand seventeen.

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