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Maybe like come movie on a guy who i wanna be yeah riviera six required rick flag yeah his bosses at groton he kinda was there to be like abuser akiba maligned and he tells me the end what you throw you gonna throw the ball at home you're ember year a any friends with the sword and he astra's he was there to prove that like you know as a respectable team but he didn't really do very much those respectable other thinly care about so when he loved yet well some and even as he as bad as a suicide squad sometime he was maybe even worse i think that was what they're trying to say yeah i can only be read ranger the from the power rangers okay plo again as it could be whatever if we wanna do it that could be whatever so those guys have a like swords right those robot dinosaurs yao nehad okay and he had the tyrannosaurus rex sure okay so we wound that has like you are good we have readily as you're and batman is it no no real klag rick flag write them yet more sense because there's an opening for rhetoric qazi that ended up missing resorting him the in this world the she looks at the newspaper and she's like where's batten it says like where's bannon until you're like okay bannon is not in this right now this is very interesting till the end were trying to come up with characters we're actually building a whole world this is this is how well this is working i think since i'm marty changing one letter of batman because i'm gonna switch back and forth between being batman and being read ranger since road changing one letter that man's activity from punched a pinch maybe we can change one letter batman for batman bartman.

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