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Hey everybody welcome back to the move brought to you by patrolling tequila little bit backstory on patrol on for those of you who don't know historically in the sport of cycling there's always been a patrol on in the peleton the guy who who sort of the godfather that was an existing term before it was it's been around for a long time and so you know started out with eddy merckx and bernard dino and and i guess in dorion and his own quiet way guys like cipollini myself and so with this partnership with patrol tequila every day just so y'all know every day we're in the members who have been listening to our production meeting they already know the patrol stuck it to if you watch the race today it actually shouldn't be a surprise who who is the patrol on so everyday will name a patrol of the days and you can ask yourself who's your patrol right and so we got ours will tell you in just a little bit before we get to the action let's take care of a little business it if high brew coffee was not the perfect beverage for today i don't know what was by we almost missed the stage it wasn't till yesterday i was trying to somebody asked me what time they should come over and watch the race i just i just checked the book yes out turns out the racist is on scheduled a finish two hours earlier than than scheduled because of the soccer woke up so with hybrid coffee here we go i had to go with the double espresso today two cups of coffee in one can all natural ingredients we all started really really early and again it's it's earlier for the beginning of the tour to accommodate world cup yeah and normally it ends around five in france and so so when your arm is set for five thirty one who sets their alarm for five thirty one well it like i do i thirty's not right five zero one i don't know but but i needed a double espresso of hybrid dot to get me going to try to figure out you know just to get engaged on this incredibly exciting day said thanks to the folks i know for for for support in the show and not sure how how widely available hybrid is around around the country around the world but you know obviously the places like amazon you can by have a case of six different it's in every place every corner of austin now because it's austin competence right but our crew was happy to have it in the fridge in the studio this morning with early start yeah also brought to you.

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