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But it's you know it's a fact well why do you think so many people are scared by spiders as compared to any other bug lady bug or an aunt doesn't scare me but spiders i don't know i i don't really want to be around him that much well it's funny you mentioned lady bug because i was actually bitten by lady but last year and it hurt alive really and yes there are reports of lady bugs infesting homes over the winter and biting residents and it's very painful bite so there's a rational reason in that some spiders are dangerous almost all spiders have venom so a bike can become serious depending on usually the person say if they have a reaction to then them but most spiders can't actually deliver venom or they're not aggressive and also they have a lot of legs i think those are the main things that humans fear were you ever scared of spiders no i wasn't i always liked the weird and venomous and dangerous things for some reason even though i i don't really necessarily want to get bitten by any but i used to catch wolf spiders all the time and pretend they're tarantulas and actually that was i did get it by spider them for real when i put a wolf spider in some water in a bucket of water and that scoped it out with my hand and of course it got scared and bit me i never blamed the spider i mean i was asking for basically so but i have not been bit since as map pretend who is an intimate gist at north carolina state university matt very interesting thank you great thank you and you can see photos of the spiders we talked about if you tear at here now dot org we will not put any lady bug picks up that would be a little too scary.

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