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Most admired men in the world to build my dog they talk to more than forty two thousand people in forty one countries but no idea right dog the bounty hunter thank you Jan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan wow now merged Jackie Chan but what is Jackie Chan done maybe as we pointed out on the show before you guys don't quite appreciate the martial arts like some of us do and the whole area no I know you like the movies but it does he do something like curing diseases somewhere does humanitarian many tarian thing that he does yeah it helps people to stick up through stick up against Paulie struck yeah yeah the great thing Jackie Chan homeless shelter somewhere I don't know about how well I mean then you get into yeah I don't run although it number seven most admired it's not a soccer guy right yes by the way the the Jackie Chan homeless shelters called Jackie changes when you need a change in your life Jim paying is forced to whites Chinese leader yeah Chinese people voting on this thing what you also wonder when forced to vote right for him for a we don't know not a ton of freedom going on there right now someone should call and ask about the most admired the dot the Dalai Lama is number eight the Dalai Lama yeah so sexist yeah but I can see that I can see the Dalai Lama being on there even after the problematic things he said well yeah but I mean he still his body of work is still pretty good because you said before there could be a female Dalai but she'd have to be very attractive three don't smoking yeah right then you got Lionel Messi Vladimir Putin at ten okay what about Donald Trump yes you have to say where would you think he would be down the pecking order I'm sure forty one countries forty two thousand people what do you think I have a top twenty or top ten always out of the top hundred tomorrow or do you think he would finish seventy three David gas seventies give me a chance fourteen home well that's better than I thought I know that's not bad at all eight Latimer Putin rates better on a worldwide scale.

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