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Jackie Labrecque says one of the ordinances would make it easier for somebody who's been convicted of a crime to rent by changing the screening criteria person could not be denied an apartment for any felony conviction older than seven years in a misdemeanor older than three years. There would not be a hard credit score requirement. Tenant advocates say the ordinance is a positive step while some landlords say they should be able to choose who lives in their rental. Other ordinance would protect a renter. Security deposit. People can comment on the ordinances at a public hearing will be held tomorrow afternoon. In a vote along party lines. The House Judiciary committee authorized, a chairman to issue a subpoena for the full Muller report. ABC's Motoko, rob has more the ice have it. The resolution is amended is agreed to in a twenty four to seventeen vote. The House Judiciary committee voted to authorize subpoenas for attorney general William bar and five former White House officials chairman Jerry Nadler says he won't issue it right away. Instead, he will give bar another chance to change his mind about releasing the full unredacted Muller report. Republicans argued that bar has already agreed to release the report to congress with reductions grand jury and classified materials, Monaco, Sarabki ABC news, Capitol Hill. Actress Felicity Huffman is arriving in a Boston court house. She along with fellow actress Laurie Lackland scheduled to face, a judge and the massive college, admissions cheating scandal, the feds believe they gave money to a southern California businessman, who then funneled the money for a bogus charity. Just to hand the money to coaches who could get the celebrities kids, it is of the best schools in the. Entry Oregon governor Kate Brown wants to tighten the state's law. That prevents subjects of restraining orders in domestic violence situations from possessing guns protocols ensure that convicted domestic abusers abusers have a number of options to get rid of guns that they can no longer lawfully possess. The Bill would require a subject ever restraining order to give up their guns that they don't attend a court hearing to contest the order currently the law does not require them to turn in their guns. It would also establish a method to surrender the firearms. Opponents say it would cause self incrimination under federal law. They could face prosecution on additional charges the American Academy of paediatrics as recommending that all children between the ages of nine and eleven be screened for high cholesterol. Doctors say it is best to screen early due to the growing epidemic of obesity. I'm Bradford NewsRadio. Eleven ninety six at.

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