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Of the most serious charges With regard to these I The Is Department of corrections This is Watts waived a. Preliminary hearing his. Next court date is set for. November nineteenth the Rockies dropped a close one at. Coors field the Padres won it last night four. To three same two teams on, Wednesday night our coverage. At six we don't really know what a Charlie Blackmon beard, beanie is but we're giving them away at Coors field on Friday night KOA NewsRadio and the Colorado beef council or presenting the beard beanies to the first fifteen thousand fans at the Rockies game against the cardinals. On Friday our next news update at. Twelve thirty I'm Cathy Walker on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four. One FM For the most part you can. Find an easy drive on the metro area freeways. Getting around the cones on actively is going to, be easy with light volume there's, no issues at the. Moment as you go westbound I seventy you do have ramp, closure to eastbound c. four seventy but that's not causing any problems of backups at this time just like the work that may be taking place between ward road in thirty second young field heading out to the. Airport on boulevard speeds pretty close to. Normal even though you've got roadwork that'll take you down to just one lane CBS four weather you can expect it to be partly sunny. Today with a chance of rain this afternoon high seventy seven tonight's low fifty eight expect a high of close to eighty eight and sunshine..

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