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My thoughts on that song are it's an illusion to Mary and Joseph in the Bible. If you recall, Jesus was from Nazareth, when Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, this is going on. There was no place for them to stay. There was no room in the inn off activated of having to stay in a stable, So I believe that's what that portion of that song Is referring to, But that's the way backward because the song starts I pulled into Nazareth. Where is that family left Nazareth. It would have been pulled into Bethlehem s. Oh, no, I don't think that's I think you're finding things there. Saul makes no sense to me anyway. Who's Fanny? How was the load be taken off of her and put on the Why And why. If you're coming into a town feeling about half past dead, would you be in the mood? Take on anybody's troubles. It's a weird thing. I'm coming to town. I need a place to stay. He asked. A guy goes now I can't help you and then take a load off Fanny way. Yes, yes, that it was number one on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest songs of all time number one. 41 you had your fun fact. They're well, Thank you. It's the 41st house. You okay? That's our call. Big pink. Yes to visit from Big pink. It's a great album. You should listen to it sometime. My waking up Robbie Roberts and rode it. I know you Thank you, Gloria. Sick. Theresa Clary. Clary. My name's Clarice. Clarice. I'm calling my name out front. And she's about to Alpharetta Know Annie? She might know him. In fact, about Annie from Alfa Rhetta. She's an alcoholic. Take. Take.

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