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Deana robot care one by a fairly healthy margin less time around june twenty sixteen in california of course you have this top two primary system where the top two vote gutters in the primary will be in the general regardless of party and this is a fairly crowded primary right now on both sides what do you see a sort of your your path to victory given all those different components great that's a great question to well the first thing i'd like to mention is that congressman rohrabacher unfortunately is making it easy for all of his challengers to run and the reason that is is because dana rohrabacher unfortunately it's exposing himself as being a national threat for example house majority leader kevin mccarthy said last year on the record that he thinks putin pays rohrabacher and trump and when speaker of the house ryan tried to hush all that look we gotta keep this quiet those tapes leaked and house majority leader mccarthy even made a common like i swear to god this isn't a joke this is real dana rohrabacher connections and ties with russia are now at the forefront people are seeing a constituents and voters are seeing that congressman rohrabacher had been way too lax when it comes to his relationship with russia in fact even the fbi met with rohrabacher and warned him that he's being considered as a russian government asset so much so the russian government eve even had the codename for him the moniker that he has right now in the district is that he's putin's favorite congressman he's russia's favorite congressman and it doesn't take very long going door to door as we can this the district to hear republicans democrats and no party preference voters alike express major concern of congressman rohrabacher and the national threat he's he's posing his relationship with former trump campaign manager paul manafort who was under investigation.

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