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We're back and one company. That's not sitting the shit out. Oh Bob Boys at mountain dew holy. Shit, they are like. Tarring League of the United States. Dude. Do is a faulk day. Told covid nineteen. Fuck, you pussy. The do ain't GonNa stab doing what they do. and. They are set to release a new flavor that literally I can't believe. This looks like the Ven Diagram. Like where Jack O'Brien is the middle. It's mountain dew with a fucking great white shark on it called mountain dew frostbite. It looks like jaws coming out of the fucking ice like some fucked up sequel. And Jack. This is the flavor for you only, but he can only get at Walmart and so we've got to get to Walmart. If you want blue, do you got to covet? If you WANNA get the do their a I feel like the way that this product on the market was just that someone was like talking to a mountain dew representative, and they have their fucking goatee, or whatever, and then they're like. And the mountain dew. Okay, here's my here's Fisher. Moundou guy like yeah, so like we're not gonNA introduce any new products during the covid nineteen outbreak, and then someone was just like. What are you fucking scared and then that's why they're releasing this. Oh. Wow, they just got plan. Come a fucking pussy opera for can shark on the bottle dog, and then this comes out. Yeah. I mean I. CanNot not. Go out and buy the so a catch me at. At the Walmart and the I don't know what the nearest. Walmart is probably the one in the valley. And there's one Yeah, there's one over by you but But the flavor is what kind of get is a little weird. A quote, a burst of icy refreshment fucking DA, but with a cool melon flavor. what kind of melon? Melon although shark. A Shark Mallon. Free Weight. PISS Now..

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