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There is a united this is an issue that that term that is is not easy to seoul but i do think that the political dimension is is a really important placed to start spend just thinking about the kind of a resources we allocate to the problem it is a really important thing to do roger rights on twitter increases in poverty and homelessness are the direct result of concentration of wealth in the capitalist class a comment from our website from dave i don't know what to do to solve the problem but i know we can give to shelters food clothing blankets money time whatever and cutthroats our rights my experiences with homeless people in new york city and boston are that homelessness is the result of mental illness neurological disorders like autism spectrum and other disabilities which often lead to selfmedication and addiction ray and vermont rights with the recent cold weather vpr vermont public radio did some reporting on homelessness locally and even though there were a the opening up shelters and other locations to accommodate everyone there were some who were deciding to still sleep outside in their vehicles i wanna say thanks for joining us to our guests this hour julia carrie wong reporter for the guardian great to have you with us thank you so much for having me and alastair g the same to you as well thank you very much ray.

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