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I think I i kind of approach. This jesse of if i was on a deserted island on the only song that i could here again if i was to listen to some of these other ones it made me feel very very isolated on quite done whereas this is something that i am to. You know caught my hans west. I'm going to topple my legs. it's the deadly. it's they a- mayes two even earlier oaken rule. It's the sax solo alkaster phone song. I just love now. That's a great choice. That's really great. Song changed your life song. That changed my life. Okay so this is where we're going to disagree because i'm teasing jungle. Lambs for the song but chase. I think there's a few reasons again for the in some way. There's the challenge of the lyrics. Where he he kind of talks the poet here and right nothing at all. They just stunned bike on the lhasa. Old I think the the key is kind of encouraging. I find that quite encouraging us to make an honest stunned by you know whatever you think about things maybe even in my my job my career choice a little bit of becoming a teacher and trying to sort of just inspire others and shoot them other ways of thinking And stuff like that but is an actual song It's the individual parts. I think as well the play into that you sort of this. Mournful psych solo of clarence That when i watched the live in new york city version just moves me to tears. you've got roy's piano you've got those hulls of bursts at the end. I think the other reason that i would put. This is why it changed my life. I think again. It's maybe actually to do with policemen. Only album on the orange run album defined that dot is the last thing that you hear on. That album is Just they almost orchestral sense of the music.

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