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Refurnish so-called today. Terrific way to start the season, so many seasons really go one way or the other name based on that very first game when you play a quality opponent. So what kind of carry over? Did you get this week when the guys back on the field would the great confidence boost in an armed confidence boost that they played so well against a quality opponent. Well, I think they know that they've established a standard, and they meet and exceed that standard each and every week. They're going to have an opportunity to win each and every week. So I think when you win a football game against a quality a team like Michigan. Then if you stick with a process that you've got a chance to win. So I think they did that this week. They've set a standard internally about the way they're going to prepare. And if they do that, it really doesn't matter who you playing whether it's ball state or Vanderbilt or or Virginia Tech defense so impressive in Khalid. Kareem the Walter camp football foundation defensive player of the week something that he earned both with his performance and his great. I didn't realize it standing on the sideline. I know. I know what you go through. It's not the best seat in the house. He really turned an ankle missed what a couple of plays went right back in there and continue to excel as a tough kid. And and he's you know, a guy that just keeps coming after you play after play. And I think you can say that about our entire defensive line. We were able to really cause havoc. We were worried about the havoc that the defense of Michigan would cause. And and they're really good defense. But I think the habit really would have to go to our defense that they caused the Michigan offense you were a very seasons. Coach when you took this job nine years ago, and even you took a while to adjust to the Notre Dame spotlight. So imagine folks listening at home how hard it is for a young man to adjust to that spotlight in the quarterback position. Brandon had a lot of focus a lot of pressure. A lot of questions. He played even better than I expected him to going into that game. I was really proud of him his preparation was different than it's been. I think the way he's prepared has been so much better and ethic that comes with experience. Like you said he went through it last year learned about the scrutiny in the spotlight of being the quarterback at Notre Dame. And he said, you know, what I'm gonna change. My preparation is preparation was outstanding. He was loose. He was confident and he played that way. To my knowledge the longest post game speech you've ever given a Notre Dame football team because you were so pleased with the effort the energy the preparation, but it was far from a perfect performance. What are you working on this week? What's that next step? You wanna see? Well, we're gonna finish off opponents when we have an opportunity to dominate our opponents we want to dominate them, and we had an opportunity. Michigan was ready to call call it a day, and we had an opportunity, and we did not put them away. And so we've gotta finish off for opponents, and we've got to have a better attention to detail especially in our special teams play. So as coaches as players that commitment to attention to detail has got to be better going into this second week, you know, everybody in the country. They're they're gonna flick it on and off quickly because they expect you the diehards are watched from beginning to end, but every to win this game and win merely by making sure you get to the stadium on time. But with your background in the MAC, and you look at this ball state team, you can legitim-. See some scenarios where they can cause you some problems. Yeah. I really like their quarterback. I mean, I think from from an offensive standpoint, I mean Riley Neal is that quarterback that could play at a number of big ten schools can throw it around. They're gonna early on people are going to start in on because he can rip it. He reminds me of a quarterback that I had it Cincinnati and Tony pike. They've got three really good running backs. It's a team that you have to be prepared for offense defensively they're on a three four defense. We need to be patient and run the football against them. The three four is very difficult because they have a lot of moving. We're patient. We should be able to run the football. But we got to keep an eye on their offense. You crowd last Saturday night just spectacular. But this is a little unusual in that ball state's got a lot of grads up here in state school bunch of guys on the team from around here. It will not be surprising. If they have some success that they've got support in the stadium today. Well, they'll have some support. There's no question. But I think by and large our students here. They'll be out in force. And this is a really good football team. So I think our Notre Dame fans are gonna wanna see us play. And again, I think at the end of the day ball state may have their alums out there to come and see them play. But Notre Dame fans will be in the stadium today. All right moments away from sandy your team out in the field. What's your final direction of words of encouragement? Well, again, stick to the process, Plato our standards. We don't have any other way to play here at the university of Notre Dame. And I expect our players to live up to that coach. Thank you. Good luck tonight. Thank you back with more from Notre Dame stadium a moment. But first this word from frontier communications, it's.

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