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On the lions are on and then once they kick off this time to go hard whether you go tito souls or whether you like some dark however you like moving on the next question is from our God associate producer honored honor we honor him as associate producer big crown big crown. The greatest meal carry the history. He said this open boss move dipping Turkey and barbecue sauce off move. I've never done this in my life. You you know what Turkey needs something. It's bad Turkey does not taste good so you gotta put gravy on it. Maybe I'll try barbecue sauce. Maybe I'll try hot sauce revolutionize it this year. Let me tell you what I'm not going to stand for this. Turkey slammed it's not it doesn't taste good defer Turkey. Yes it's excellent white me. I like only the dark meat but Turkey slandered Turkey Turkey once a year. There's a reason if it was so good. How come we don't eat it? And Other Times Year Jersey on our take time to a restaurant said you know what I roast Turkey. Please get Turkey sandwiches when I go different though that is different Turkey sandwiches a different than an actual Turkey slice on your plate. You only put up the Christmas tree once a year. Next one is better. That's ridiculous can disregard that coming from the ARATU cater the Radicchio nine one. One nine one nine bringing store bought premade size or desserts to Thanksgiving dinner. Soft move or boss saw you kicked doubted the family. What kicked out of the Fam- don't bring me no store-bought desserts? Come on what this is why you don't go to a restaurant. This is my point win. Exactly that makes the desert. You have your uncle to makes the MAC and cheese. You have grandma and makes the Turkey you have everybody. That does their favorite thank. You Got Jalen. That makes the money I understand. You're.

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